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Vintage Shows & Moving Forward into 2021!

Despite us all living though another serious lock down it’s still very much business as usual here at Harrison HQ. There’s never a shortage of work to be done and I’m constantly planning, designing and thinking about how I can improve my shows and media presentation. Which is why I’m thrilled to announce the introduction… Read more »

Zooming, Happy New Year & Hello 2021!

Once again it’s just a very quick blog tonight as I get ready to welcome in the New Year. It was lovely to have a couple of days off over Christmas with my family, although I was soon back to work on the 27th performing via zoom for my customers. I just have two more… Read more »

Proms Season & Off to See the Wizard!

This week I’ve been busy out and about performing Driveway Concerts and yesterday I had the privilege of being back in the recording studio for the first time in ages. Perhaps not surprisingly all the musical arrangements I had planned for this year had to be put on hold due to the pandemic. So yesterday… Read more »

Onwards and Upwards & the Mask Have Accessory!

This week I’ve been cracking on with my Driveway Concerts adapting to the weather and rescheduling where needed. On Saturday I had two shows scheduled in, but due to the weather, I was able to reschedule my earlier show in Leighton Buzzard to the August Bank Holiday.  My later show was for a 95th Birthday… Read more »

Coming Out of Lockdown & Be Like the Kettle and Sing!

It’s been a full action packed week combining my original scheduled shows with Driveway Concerts. It’s encouraging to see life getting back to a new kind of normal with clients starting to feel confident to book future shows again. It’s been an extraordinary time but on the plus side my Driveway Concerts have made me… Read more »