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Horses Hounds & Heroes & Remembering French Horn Player Barry Castle!

Meeting the Horses!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing for the Horse Trust in Speen just out-side of Princes Risborough. It was my first visit there and I had been engaged to sing for their “Horses Hounds and Heros” event to tie in with the run up to Armed Forces day. My brief was simple to sing a selection of vintage songs from the 1920s through to the 1970s while people were taking tea in the marque.

I love doing these sorts of events because they are easy for me to do and it’s just a case of selecting charming songs while visitors enjoy the

On Stage for the Horse Trust!

ambience and take refreshments.  I also love to people watch and take in the atmosphere while I’m singing. I’d been booked to perform 3 x 60 minute music sets over the course of the afternoon. The time very quickly flew by as I mixed my music and made sure visitors heard a selection of popular tunes form various decades. I confess I only have two horse related tunes in my repertoire, the most popular one being the “Ascot Gavotte” from “My Fair Lady”,  which visitors thoroughly enjoyed when I performed it in my second set.

Between Sets at the Horse Trust!

I’ve lived in this area for years and I’m astonished I’d never been to the Horse Trust before. When I was a little girl I was mad about horses and I was interested to find out it little more about the Trust.

For 135 years The Horse Trust’s Home of Rest for Horses has specialised in providing retirement and respite for working horses and ponies. These hard-working equine public servants have served our nation in the Police, the Army or with charities which use horses to help people. The Horse Trust also provide sanctuary to horses,

Horses on Parade!

ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect and who are in desperate need of specialist treatment and care.

At the end of afternoon there was a special parade where visitors were able to see and find out more about each horse who in many cases had had distinguished carees serving the Police, Army and the Royal house hold. It was a lovely afternoon and I hope very much I shall have the pleasure of performing for them again in the future.

Making New Friends!

This week I performed the last of my “Happy and Glorious” shows of the season and now it full steam ahead with the Summer and 4th July “Stars and Stripes” shows. I’m getting ready for the Black Country Living Museums 1940s event on the 9th & 10th July and have a number of show plans to complete not to mention out-fits and uniforms to prepare.

I can confirm I will be performing on The Park Stage and my shows for the weekend are as follows:-

Dressed for the Last of My Happy and Glorious Shows!

Saturday 9th July – 11.30am ATS “We’ll Meet Again” 1.30pm 40s Hollywood Glamour “Stage and Screen” 3.30pm US WAC “GI Jive” 8.15pm Evening Dance “In the Mood”

Sunday 10th July – 11.30am Wrens “The Fleets in Port Again”, 1.30pm Hollywood Glamour “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” 3.30pm WAAF “Straighten Up and Fly Right”

I look forward to seeing you!

Yesterday I had the honor of attending a special remembrance afternoon as friends and family came together to remember musician Barry Castle. I met Barry by chance in 2016 and we immediately struck up a rapport. It was lovely

Getting Set for Black Country Living Museum’s 1940s Event!

to hear his daughter Stephanie speak about Barry’s life and see some of the family photos which included shots of his air craft Sprite and Muso which Barry had built and designed himself.

Barry Castle was a remarkable man and played french horn. He had enjoyed a long and distinguished career playing all over the world for all the top names in show business which included every-one from Maria Callas to Freddie Mercury. Sadly he passed away on VE Day the 8th May earlier this year and he will be sadly missed. I know I will miss him immensely. I use to play to him my new musical arrangements and tell him about the pieces I was working on in the recording studio.

Dressed for the 1940s

We use to have long chats about music and I remember him telling me he started his professional career way back in 1957 when he got a job as the resident french horn player at Covent Garden. During that time he played for 9 Ring Cycles which if you know your Wagner is no mean feat. The opera plays over four days and is essentially four operas in one.

I always used to love listening to his stories about being on tour with Frank Sinatra and playing for new up and coming artists in the recording studio such as Tom Jones. Incidentally he told me he was still waiting to be paid his royalties for “Delilah” which made my chuckle! He also played on the Morecambe and Wise show that famous sketch with Shirley Bassy and the boot along with “There is Nothing like a Dame” which stared all the news readers and was classic 1970s TV of the time.

Barry also made up part of Frank Sinatra’s final tour in 1992 which took place at the Barcelona stadium. When I was in Milan I was able to visit La Scala and bring back the new back stage extension plans for Barry to look at. I thought he would be interested having played at the opera house many times. He had also played on countless original film scores from James Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Star Wars to Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark .

I can’t tell you how proud I was to know him and to speak to some-one who knew Richard Bonynge. Richard Bonynge was married to Joan Sutherland and did many wonderful musical arrangements for her including an overture to “The Merry Widow” which Lehar strangely never included as part of his original score. My father adored the Operetta “The Merry Widow” and it was listening to this overture as a child which first inspired my interested in musical arrangements and singing.

I hope Barry was looking down on us all on Friday and enjoyed the occasion as much as we did appreciating his legacy, and what a wonderful treasure chest it is too. RIP Barry and thank-you for all you have given. Your music will live on forever!

That’s all my news for now thank-you for following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!



Jubilee, A Day at the Races & Singing for The Horse Trust!

Dressed for a Day at The Races!

I feel very proud I’ve been able to work continuously right through from the beginning of May to now. I have my last Jubilee show scheduled for the 24th June and then I’m straight into “Stars and Stripes” shows with the run up to Independence day.

It’s been an extraordinary couple of months and I’m looking forward very much to performing at The Black Country Living Museum on the 9th & 10th July  when I’ve been engaged to perform for their 1940s event. I will have more information about my shows at the end of this month, so keep watching my pages and I shall tell you more about that nearer to the time.

This week I have been predominantly preforming “Happy and Glorious” shows but with a few variations as the season rolls over.  On Tuesday it was the  return of one of my best sellers with the “Magic of the Musicals” and today it’s been “A Day at

Meeting Up with the Queen for Jubilee!

the Races” to tie in with Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. It was good to have a change as I selected my most glamorous numbers and performed out in the garden.

This Sunday I’m performing for the Horse Trust at Speen in Princes Risborough for their “Horses, Hounds and Heroes” event. I have a full program of songs to sing over 3 x 45/60 minute sets and I’m looking forward to the event very much. Tomorrow I have my first day off in four weeks and I need to spend the day programming and prepping for my forth coming shows. I still have

Her Majesty and I!

costumes to sort out and cases to half pack in preparation for next month.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉


A Right Royal Jubilee in Slapton, Leighton Buzzard, Sleaford & Ellesborough!

Getting Ready for The Queen’s Platinum  Jubilee!

It’s been an extraordinary Jubilee weekend as people up and down the British Isles joined together to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Even now I can’t quite believe just how many shows I’ve performed over the last couple of weeks and I still have bookings for my “Happy and Glorious” show which will be taking me through to the 17th June.

It’s been amazing, and I’m thrilled I’ve been able to take part in so many fabulous events. It’s great to see people out celebrating especially as the weather was  good for the duration and we didn’t

On Stage in Slapton!

get any rain, although it was a little touch and go on Sunday.

My Jubilee weekend started on Thursday afternoon when I was booked to perform a private show in Northampton before I made it down to Slapton to sing just prior to the lighting of the brazier. Slapton had gone to town and had invested in a marquee and a lorry which made for a fantastic stage as I played out across the recreation ground. I’d like to say a big thank-you to Dave Mann for recommending me to sing at this event and for doing my sound so splendidly.

We’ll Meet Again with Mike’s WW2 Ambulance!

I first developed my “Happy and Glorious” show in  2016 to tie in with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. Since then the show has been a good seller and this year I added in a few additions and a little bit of Rock and Roll, which has been going down very well with my Jubilee audiences. It certainly did in Slapton and later in Leighton Buzzard as local dances came and joined in with my music.

On Friday I opened the Leighton Buzzard’s Jubilee Fayre in ATS uniform and performed a

Leighton Buzzard in Full Swing!

selection of songs from the 1940s before introducing the Leighton, Linslade Mayor Farzana Kharawala and Simon Marshall who is the president of the Leighton Buzzard Rotary club. Special guests also included representatives from twin towns Coulommier and Titisee-Neu-stadt in France and Germany. The Rotary club were the people behind the organizing of Friday’s event and I think they should all feel very proud as the High Street and Parsons Close Recreation Ground was packed with visitors enjoying the Jubilee festivities.

The Finished 40s Hat – Phew!

I had been booked to perform 2 x 45 minute sets and I came back with my “Happy & Glorious” show later in the day wearing my new 1950s inspired Jubilee dress. We couldn’t have wished for better weather and much as I would have loved to have stayed longer, straight afterwards I had to jump in my van and drive up to Sleaford to perform for their 1940s event which was due to take place on the Saturday.

It’s been something of a military operation fitting every-thing in but it’s about being organised which I’m very good at. I never like to waist a

Opening the Show in Sleaford!

minute and even with my tight turn arounds I was able to get my show programming done between sets and finish my 1940s hat in time for Saturday’s show. As soon as I hit my B&B in Sleaford I started sewing and was able to get my Jubilee hat completed by mid-night.

I had been looking forward to Sleaford very much as it was a new event for me and I had not been to the town before.  The event was held at the William Alvery School at Eastgate and it was extremely well supported as people flooded through the gates. I had been booked to perform

Having Fun Between Sets!

3 x 45 costume shows daily and I opened up at 11am with my ATS “We’ll Meet Again” show, after introducing the mayor Linda Edwards and the town crier John Griffths. For my second 1940s glamour set I came back wearing a navy blue vintage suit and closed with my Proms show “Happy and Glorious” concluding with “Land of Hope and Glory” and the national anthem. Not forgetting my newly stitched 40s topper hat!

Many visitors came in costume and there were prizes for the best dress. There were also a

Meeting Up with The Best Dressed!

number of vintage vehicles on display and a chance to experience a 1940s war time air-raid shelter. Sleaford town Council very kindly provided me with an inflatable stage but by the end of the day it became necessary to deflate it as concerns were growing it might take off with the strength of the growing wind. In the end all was well and a great time was had by all.

You can find out more information about the event and what was going on around Lincolnshire during the Jubilee weekend by clicking the link below from Lincolnshire World.

Model railways and 1940s weekends to parades and street parties – weather fails to deter jubilee celebrations around Sleaford | LincolnshireWorld

Out and About in My New 40s Hat!

Next day I was back home and at mid-day out performing in a village not far away called Little Gaddesden. Straight afterwards I made my way over to the village of Ellesborough and met up with Paul Marsden and his little dog Poppy. We had both been booked to perform for Ellesborough’s Jubilee event which was in full swing when we arrived. Despite a drop in the temperature the rain stayed off and we closed the event with a mixture of Big Band and Swing and patriotic favorites. Paul delighted audiences with his Sinatra style vocals and Poppy enjoyed being

Meeting Up with the Mayor and Adrian!

out and about and her free complimentary sausage.

Thank-you to ever-one who worked so hard over the jubilee to make each event such a great success. It was a pleasure and an honour to perform for all of you. I shall leave you with a few of my favorite photos before I head off to my next show in Northampton.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Paul, Poppy and I Between sets in Ellesborough!

Getting Ready to Rig at the Ellesborough Show!

All Set For The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee & Meeting Up with James Bond!

On Stage for Mc Carthy and Stone!

This week it’s busy busy with Jubilee shows as things really start to ramp up for the weekend. Over the bank holiday I will be performing two to three shows daily predominantly for events locally but I will also be heading up to Sleaford on Friday night after my Leighton Buzzard shows to perform for the towns 1940s event which they are combining with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I still have a few show plans to finish and if I can fit it in, I want to make myself a new 1940s hat in time for Saturday. So much to do and so little time!

Land of Hope and Glory!

If you haven’t seen my itinerary for the Jubilee weekend here is a list of all my public engagements :-

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Thursday 2nd – 8pm – 9pm “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – Slapton Recreation Ground LU7 9BT

Friday 3rd – 9.45am – 10.30am  “We’ll Meet Again” ATS, 2.30pm – 3.15pm  “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – Leighton Buzzard High Street, LU7 1DN

Saturday 4th – 11am – 11.45am “We’ll Meet Again” ATS, 1pm – 1.45pm “In the Mood” 1940s Glamour, 3pm – 3.45pm  “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – William Alvery School, Sleaford, NG34 7EA

A Beautiful Setting for for the WI Jubilee Party!

Sunday 5th June – 4.30pm – 5.15pm “Happy & Glorious”  Proms, 6pm – 6.45pm “Fly Me to the Moon” Swing Show with special guest and Sinatra Style vocalist Paul Marsden

I also have a couple of private shows in between these public performances to perform which will amount to fourteen shows in seven days. Last week I opened the Jubilee season in Beaconsfield performing at a beautiful private country house for Beasconsfield WI followed by a promotional evening for Mc Carthy and Stone in Great

Trying on Jubilee Dresses!


On Sunday Judi delivered my new Jubilee dress for the season which I purposely designed with a 1950s vibe. Judi is a fantastic dress maker and I’m very fortunate to have some-one of Judi’s talent making dresses for me and altering my clothes to make sure that when I step out on stage everything fits perfectly. I first met Judi in 2000 and before that date none of my clothes fitted as well as they should have. Since then Judi  has been working with me ever since and I don’t think

Meeting up with James Bond, Jaws and Odd Job!

there is much in my wardrobe Judi hasn’t added her expertise too.

I’ve three patriotic dresses for this season covering the styles of the 1940s and 50s to suit my various shows and I can honestly say Judi has made every one. On this occasion my new dress is made up of a beautiful novelty fabric depicting Big Ben, the union flag, the queens soldiers,post boxes, busses and the Queens head. It’s already been cutting something of a dash while I’ve been out and about between shows and I’m looking forward to wearing it this weekend at some of my

My Mother with James Bond & Jaws!

bigger events.

Last Saturday I was invited to the Leighton & Linslade Recognition Awards and James Bond Themed Charity Event. The event was organised by Susan Humphrey, Mrs Crown and Glory Bedfordshire to raise money for Abbie’s Army and Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. So much work went into this great event and it was a wonderful occasion. So thank-you Susan for organizing such a fantastic evening, you should feel very proud. While we were there my mother came as M, Judi Dench and we enjoyed meeting up with all the James Bond characters. I think my mother was quite taken with James Bond but we

Out and about in my new Jubilee Dress!

both had to watch out for Jaws and Odd Job who played their parts superbly!

The event took place at Brooklands Club in Leighton Buzzard and I was also present with The Best Act 2022 award in recognition for my Driveway Concerts during the pandemic which was a great honor. To my surprise I also won the Best Dressed Competition but I think most of the credit has to go to my dress maker Judi who always makes sure my clothes fit perfectly.

I shall now crack on with my show plans and I

God Save the Queen at Portobello Place!

hope very much I shall see a few of you at my “Happy and Glorious” Jubilee shows. If you do happen to make it along please come up and say hi!

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Back from the Cotswolds, In Cabaret, Militaria & God Save the Queen!

On Stage with the Queen!

I can’t begin, with-out saying how lovely it was for Paul, Poppy and I to get away and enjoy a few days holiday last week in the Cotswolds. I’ve been working extremely hard of late and now that I’m back it’s full steam ahead with the Jubilee and “Happy and Glorious” shows. I had hoped I would have lots of lovely photographs to share with you all of our time away but sadly when I got back I realized my sim card had developed a fault and I’m hoping my computer man will be able to rescue my snaps before too long.

Meeting up at Militaria with Yvonne!

Paul and I spent our holiday time just pottering about which suited Poppy perfectly as we stayed close to our hotel in  Motrton-in-the-Mash. We got back on Friday evening and I performed my first Jubilee shows of the season on Saturday returning to Stonleigh Park in Warwickshire for Sunday’s Militaria show. I have a lot of plans for this year and I’m investing in my costumes and photography. I have a number of projects I’m keen to finish but I can’t do that until I get the right publicity shots.

Paul and I are booked to perform at Stonehurst Farm’s 1940s event this August and I’ve arranged to do a 1940s photo shoot the day after the event. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss and I’m going to be using the photos in a couple of promotional videos, later this year. I decided to invest in a Land Army uniform on Sunday which I picked up at the

Shopping with James!

Militaria Show. I don’t like buying clothes off the internet as they need to fit and it’s always best to try everything on first.

The hardest thing is getting vintage style shirts with the right collar shapes. However tonight I think I may have found just the right person who will be able to supply me with exactly what I need.

While I was away I was thrilled that Peter was able to finish my new “In Cabaret” page for my web-site, which I hope in turn will attract a lot of new business. Up to now I’ve been pitching predominantly to the vintage, re-enactment market but it’s always good to have lots of options and to have pages designed with particular clients in mind.

To check out my new page please click the link below :-

I shall leave my blog here tonight as I need to get to bed.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

In Cabaret, Babies of the Blitz & Off to Morton in the Mash!

We’ll Meet Again!

Once again I’m in something of a dash tonight to get all my paper-work done and my blog out in time for the weekend. With Easter, St Georges and VE Day I’ve been working through non stop and I’ve not had a day off since the 11th April. This month it’s all been about the 1940s and “We’ll Meet Again” shows. It’s nice to have a run of the same show and my new numbers “Babies of the Blitz” and “Be like the Kettle and Sing” have been great additions. I currently have “Busy Doing Nothing” in production and I’m keeping my fingers crossed Richard will be able to do a revamp of my Wrens medley in time for my performance at Bletchely Park on the 6th August.

Working with My Web-designer Karen!

On Saturday I have my last “My Fair Lady” show of the season and then on Monday I’m off on holiday which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been working really hard not only driving to venues and performing in many cases two shows daily but then also well into the early hours of the morning, keeping up to date with my contracts and paper work.

In Cabaret

We are all looking forward to our holiday and Paul, Poppy and I have booked to stay at Morton in the Mash in the Cotswolds. I know this area well having performed at Morton on a number of occasions. I like the Cotswold country side very much and it will be great to have some time just to potter about with no where particular to go. I hope we will be able to do a fair amount of walking so all we need now is good weather and our holiday will be complete. In the meantime I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up before we can go away. On Tuesday after my show I popped into see my web designers Karen and Peter. They are currently working on a new Cabaret page for my website which is geared towards the Hotel, Cruise and Corporate markets. We shall see as it’s important to have all bases covered.

That’s all my news for now as I must get to bed. Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

Back from Newark, We’ll Meet Again & Managing Diabetes!

Getting Set Up for My Show at Newark Show Ground!

We’ll Meet Again!

This week I have been on the road predominantly performing 1940s “We’ll Meet Again” ATS shows. Last Friday I was in Newark singing for the Auto Sleepers Rally at The Newark Show Ground. I know the venue well having first performed there in 2011. On this occasion I had been engaged to perform music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Initially this booking should have taken place in 2020 to tie in with the 75 VE Day anniversary but due to the pandemic it was deferred. Perhaps not surprisingly, and after such a long wait I was thrilled to finally be performing my show.

When it comes to an audience who love to dance you can’t really go wrong with Abba, Grease and all those favorites from the 1950s & 60s. It was great to see every-one up on the dance floor as I opened my first set with sing-along gems from the 1940s and came back with Rock and Roll classics from the 1950s, 60s & 70s. I stayed the night at The Lord Nelson Inn in Besthorpe which is just out-side of Newark due to the fact I had another show in town the following day.

The Lord Nelson is a lovely Inn and I always get given a beautiful room when I stay there. It’s a shame I couldn’t have stayed longer but I’m now

The Lord Nelson Inn!

fully booked for May with shows every day. The show ground is next door to the Newark Air Museum which I have performed at a number of times, and this is how I know the Lord Nelson Inn so well. As I had a couple of hours to kill I popped into the museum to see friends and to have a spot of lunch before heading off to my show.

I love to travel and it’s important to be organised especially being a diabetic. Last week I was fitted with a Libra device which is motoring my blood sugars. It’s horrifying to see my blood sugars see saw as they do as I’m constantly fighting nervous energy

Inside The Newark Air Museum!

which pushes my sugar levels down against adrenaline and stress which pushes them up. I’ve always had a good balance but of late things have not been as they should be. I’m working harder than ever, driving , lifting equipment, performing and some clients are even still insisting I wear a mark to sing in which is very restricting and has been effecting my breathing. Tomorrow I’m at the hospital and it will be interesting to go over my results which I confess I’m not looking forward too.  I need to do better but I don’t know how to when I have so much to do and only myself to rely on.

Hits from the Blitz!

This week I’ve had a steady flow of ATS “We’ll Meet Again” shows. It’s VE Day on Sunday and I’m busy right through to the end of the month when it’s all change and Jubilee. I’m off on holiday on the 16th for five days which I’m really looking forward to and in great need of as Paul and I head off to the Cotswolds with Poppy. Before I go I have a “My Fair Lady” show to perform and I’ve been practicing my lines so every-thing will be well rehearsed and slick in my head come the day.

I shall leave my blog here tonight as I need to get to bed.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!


The Old Rugged Cross & Off Up to Newark for the Auto Sleepers Rally!

Out-side All Saint’s Church!

Once again I’m rushing against the clock to get everything done in time for the weekend. As yet I still have my show plans to finish before I head off on Friday to sing for the Auto Sleepers Owners Club Rally which this year is taking place at the Newark Show Ground. I’ve been engaged to perform a “Vintage Spectacular” 2 x 45 minute sets featuring songs from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I performed for them once before and it’s great to be going back to sing for them after my 2020 booking was postponed due to the pandemic. This evening I’ve been  polishing my shoes and brasses in preparation. I’ve been asked to wear my 1940s ATS uniform for the first half and then it’s all change and full skirts for my Rock and Roll finale.

Speaking of full skirts I had a fitting this week for my Jubilee dress. It’s coming along splendidly and perhaps not surprisingly I have a very busy June diary ahead of me. My Jubilee season starts on the 23rd May and then for the next

Rehearsing with Philip!

four weeks I have 32 “Happy and Glorious” shows to perform which will be taking me through to the 16th June and Ascot week. I know from experience a run like this it can be extremely hard on dresses which is why I need a couple of different out-fits to sustain me through all types of weather and varied venues. I’m looking forward to the Jubilee season very much  and I have a wonderful show planed which will be featuring all the patriotic sing-along favorites.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of working with organist Philip Stopford. I’d been asked to sing for

The Old Rugged Cross!

a funeral at All Saints Church in Leighton Buzzard as family and friends came together to remember Albert Edward Henry Inwards. It was a lovely service which was led by Rev. Canon Grant Fellows. The family had asked me to sing “The Old Rugged Cross” and “We’ll Meet Again”. I’d managed to have a rehearsal with Philip the previous Friday and sometimes it’s best to do these things instinctively.

The family wanted me to sing “We’ll Meet Again” as the coffin was carried out of the church but I felt the music wouldn’t be long enough so I used my backing track which combined “The White

All Set for The Queen’s Jubilee!

Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again” and then Philip continued to play “We’ll Meet Again” on the church organ as I came back in half way through and we repeated the chorus for a second time. This worked perfectly as the church was full and it took at least six minutes for every-one to file out after the service.

Albert had requested years before that he wanted “The Old Rugged Cross” sung at his funeral and I was delighted to oblige. Fortunately I still had my sheet music from when I had sung it once before along with my original notes which included singing the first verse and chorus unaccompanied and then have the organ join me there after. These days I don’t get to do so much ceremonial work  but I always enjoy it when I do especially when I have an organist of Philips calibre to accompany me.

Tomorrow I perform the first of my “We’ll Meet Again” ATS shows with the run up to VE Day on the 8th which will be keeping me busy for the next two weeks.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now!

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