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Off to Normandy to Perform at the 80th D-Day Commemorations!

All Set for the 80th D-Day Commemorations

I’d like to begin my blog tonight with a massive thank-you to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, Leighton Buzzard Railway and to Rob Bailey’s Family for providing us with three fabulous locations last bank holiday weekend to perform our various D-Day shows. We literally head off tomorrow morning and once again I’m burning the midnight oil to get everything packed and ready in time for our journey.

This last month has been really intense and I’ve not stopped working. I’ve been on stage pretty much every day and when I’ve not been on stage I’ve been working on show plans and rehearsing new songs in time for our Normandy trip. Yesterday Robert and I were in Solihull performing at the King George VI Memorial Hall.

Between Sets at the Chiltern Open Air Museum!

It was a great community event with stalls, refreshments vintage vehicles as every-one came together to commemorate D-Day.

I had been booked to perform my D-Day show as a straight 60 minutes and we even had a special visit from Field Marshal Montgomery. Straight afterwards Robert and I had to dash back down the M40 to Leighton Buzzard as I had a booking that evening with the Conservative Club to perform a special D-Day show in preparation of our Normandy trip.

When we arrived Leighton Buzzard High Street was in full swing with it’s first ever Pride event. It was colourful and brimming with happiness as we took in the party vibe inbetween setting up our equipment in the club. It was a great night and I even got to perform my new D-Day opening track “The Longest Day”.

Leighton Buzzard Railway!

Some of you may remember this song was written by Paul Anka in 1962 for the film with the same title. The film told the story of the D-Day landings and it had every star in it you could mention from John Wayne, Sean Connery, Richard Todd to Rod Steiger to name but a few. It’s a great marching number and I’d commissioned this song especially for the 80th D-Day Commemorations. However when I came to try it out last weekend it didn’t go down as well as expected so I ended up having to go back to the studio to make a few alterations to the musical arrangement. We are all good now

Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway!

but it just goes to show how important it is to try numbers out first with an audience.

It’s very exciting to be booked by Arromanches to be their “Artist in Residence” for the 80th D-day Commemorations. I hope very much I will have the pleasure of seeing some of you at my shows this week.

D-Day Show  Itinerary  -Arromanches, Gold Beach, Normandy, France.

On Stage at King George VI Memorial Hall!

Show Times :-

Wednesday 5th June – 3.30pm = 60 minutes “We’ll Meet Again” “Street Performance”,
Thursday 6th June – 9.30pm = 90 minutes “The Longest Day” “Place du 6 Juin”,
Friday 7th June – 12.30pm = 60 minutes “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” “Cale Neptune”
Saturday 8th June – 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm = 3 x 30 minute Shows “In the Mood” “On the Square”
Sunday 9th June – 2pm “Opening of The Triathlon Event” “Place du Musee
Plus I’ve been engaged to perform for the Veterans Gala Dinner, 5pm – 7th June, Benouville Hall, Benouville (Sword)
It’s a huge honour to be chosen for this prestigious occasion and I hope very much I shall see some of you at my various shows. However if you can’t make it over to France you might just get to see a small glimpse of me on the One Show BBC 1 on Thursday 5th June at 7pm. The BBC are broadcasting live from Arromanches with Vernon Kay so if I’m really lucky you might just get to see 2 seconds of me.
Time is creeping on and I must get to bed so I’m going to have to cut my blog short tonight. I shall leave you with a few pictures from some of my shows over the last week – See you in Normandy.
Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Back From Wallingford & Halstead & onto COAM!

Military Vehicles at Wallingford!

Once again I’m in something of a dash to try and get my blog out today. I’ve shows everyday this week and I’ve so much to prepare, before sailing out to Normandy on the 3rd for the D-Day Commemorations.

On Stage with Robert!

There’s so much to do and sort out with regards to music and costumes and I’m still making last minute adjustments to my show plans as I want everything to be perfect for Arromanches. Last Thursday I was able to pick up my new opening track from the recording studio which I can now reveal is “The Longest Day”. A lot of thought and work has gone into this track as it opens with Churchill and Eisenhower’s address which I hope will add great impact to my D-Day show.

Meeting Up with the WW2 Re-enactors

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at Wallingford Railway for their Military Vehicle event with my new sound engineer Rob Bailey. It was the first time Rob and I had worked together and I have to say he did a fantastic job. People often take sound and the mixing of it for granted but it’s a job which requires a great deal of skill. When it’s done right you don’t notice, but when it’s done badly it can be devastating and make or break the show.

Last Sunday was my first visit to the Cholsey and Wallingford railway and it was a pleasure to

On Stage at Petals Tea Room!

perform for them and have Rob on sound. I had already been booked to perform that afternoon for another event in town so both jobs clicked together perfectly plus it was a great opportunity for Rob to try out my sound system for the first time. We couldn’t have wished for better weather as I performed two 30 minute sets in ATS uniform which included a selection of British, American and French songs. The event attracted  a lovely crowd of people which also ran simultaneously with Wallingford’s Vintage Car Rally which was taking place just down the road. Many of the visitors came by the railway so we had the best of both worlds.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing for a beautiful Vintage Wedding in Halstead, Essex. Once again we were blessed with gorgeous weather as the wedding reception took place at Petals Tea Room which is part of a garden centre. It

The Happy Bride and Groom!

made for the perfect setting as the reception was able to take place out-side in the court yard of the tea room which was  dressed with pretty flowers and surrounded by cabins.

I felt very honoured to be invited by the bride and groom Diane and Daniel Edwards who knew me from having seen me perform at 1940s events. My brief was to perform a 1940s sing-along and vintage songs which people could sing along and dance to, so I put together a wonderful program of songs from the 1940s, 50s & 60s. After all who doesn’t know The Lambeth Walk, Run Rabbit,

The Wedding Reception!

Summer Holiday and the Hokey -Cokey! I finished my final set with a Best of British sing-along which seemed to go down really well with all the guests who sang and waved flags

It was a truly beautiful day and fortunately my dress matched with the pretty Petals Tea Room setting as I set up my equipment in the Sweet William cabin. Memories are made of this and I wish Diane and Daniel lots of happiness for the future.

This Saturday Robert and I will be performing at The Chiltern Open Air Museum, Chalfont

High Tea Wedding Reception at Petals Tea Room!

St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4AB.  I’m booked to perform 3 x 40 minute shows entitled “Bound for Normandy” at  11.15am, 1.15pm & 3.15pm. This will be a sneak peak of some of the music and shows I will be taking out to Normandy for the 80th D-Day Commemorations. It will be a chance for me to try out some of my new musical arrangements including “The Longest Day” and “Accentuate the Positive” which is a great dance track and I hope we might get a few people up dancing as a result.

Please click the link for more details:-

Chiltern Open Air Museum – 25th May!

On the 27th May I shall be back in Leighton Buzzard singing for the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gage Railway’s “Diesel Gala with a Hint of Steam” event. This time I will be performing a mixture of vintage songs from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s over 2 x 45 minute sets with more details available by clicking the link below:-

Diesel Gala with a Touch of Steam – 27th May!

I shall leave you with a few photos from Wallingford and the wedding and hope very much I shall see a few of you at some of my forth coming events.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 🙂

The Merry Month of May!

All Set for May Day!

It’s all go here at Harrison HQ as things are really starting to ramp up as we get closer to Normandy and D-Day Commemorations. I have a busy month ahead of me opening with the May Day Fayre which is taking place in my home town of Leighton Buzzard this Bank holiday Monday. I’m booked to perform 2 x 35 minute sets and I’m thrilled to be opening the Market Cross stage at 9.45 am with a selection of Disney classics. After a costume change I will be returning at 1.40pm with some good old Rock and Roll favourites straight after the Fly pass. We don’t know if it will be a Spitfire or Hurricane yet but all in all it should be a terrific day and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.

Cholsey & Wallingford Railway!

This week I’ve been busy performing ATS “We’ll Meet Again” shows with the run up to VE Day on the 8th. It still makes me chuckle when I’m in uniform and people ask me how long have I’ve served in the ATS for?

In case you are not familiar with the ATS initials they stand for Auxiliary Territorial Service. The ATS was formed in 1938 and tasked women with a range of vital roles during the Second World War. It was disbanded in 1949, when the remainder of its troops transferred to the newly formed Women’s Royal Army Corps. It’s amazing a lot of people still think my uniform, although 55 years later, think it relates to the current Women’s Royal Army Corps. I was even saluted the other day so it’s incredible the impact this uniform still makes.

Bound for Normandy – COAM – 25th May!

I’m going to be in uniform a far bit this month and I have a couple of super events coming up.

I shall be at Cholsey and Wallingford Railway OX10 9GQ on Sunday 12th May performing 2 x 30 minute sets for their Military Vehicle event. The event is taking place over 2 days Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May and as I happen to be in town performing for a private event on the 12th, I said I would be delighted to sing for them in the morning.  I’m booked to perform 2 x 30 minute Wartime sets between trains at 10.30am and 11.45 am

Bletchley Park – Home of the Code Breakers!

You can also catch me on Saturday 25th May at the Chiltern Open Air Museum, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4AB.  I’m booked to perform 3 x 40 minute shows entitled “Bound for Normandy” at  11.15am, 1.15pm & 3.15pm. This will be a sneak peak of some of the music and shows I will be taking out to Normandy for the 80th D-Day Commemorations. Please click the link for more details:-

Karl and Julius Meet Alan Turing!

Lastly on the 27th May I shall be back in Leighton Buzzard singing for the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gage Railway’s “Diesel Gala with a Hint of Steam” event. This time I will be performing a mixture of vintage songs from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s over 2 x 45 minute sets with more details available by clicking the link below:-

Plenty to do and lots to prepare for.  Tomorrow I’m rehearsing and then I’m in the recording studio in the evening picking up some new backing tracks in preparation for Normandy. I shall leave you with a few photos from last weekend when I met up with my friends Julius, Karl and Hilary at the home of the code breakers, Bletchley park. Bletchley Park is one of those places you can’t take it all in on the first visit and every-time I return

Inside Bletchley Park!

I always learn something new.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Spring is in the Air & All Set for Normandy!

In My Easter Bonnet!

My New Business Card!

It’s been a busy Easter one way and another and now it’s full steam ahead with Pearly Queen shows as the season moves forward to St Georges week. You can’t beat the old sing-along favourites and things are really starting to ramp up as I get ready for Normandy and the 80th D-Day Commemorations.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I now have my new businesses cards printed with a fresh 2024 design and I’m thrilled to announce Arromanches have booked me as their artist in residence for the D-day duration. This will involve working around the town of Arromanches performing a variety of shows in different locations from the 4th through to the 8th June. I haven’t had the full itinerary through yet but most, if not all will be taking place out-side in an around the 6th June Museum and Normandy beach.

It’s very exciting especially as they have given me the top D-Day 90

Setting Up Sound in the Garden!

All Set for D-Day!

minute slot on the 6th June. I will be playing in the main square out-side the museum over looking Normandy beach at 9.30 pm. They usually follow my show with a spectacular firework display but I’ve learn’t from experience it’s best to have a few extra songs up my sleeve just incase the fireworks don’t light. This happened a few years ago where my 90 minute show had to be lengthened by another forty-five minutes so it’s important to prepare properly and to have a contingency plan just incase.

For quite a few years now I’ve opened my Normandy show with La Marsillaise but for the 80th I’m planning something very speci

Chiltern Open Air Museum!

Inside the 1940s Prefab!

al indeed. I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but I have a new D-Day track in production with Richard Whennell, which when completed will be terrific. So keep watching this space and I will keep you posted. This is my Arromanches Concert itinerary so far :-

Wednesday 5th June  – 3.30pm = 60 minutes “Street Performance”, Thursday 6th June – 9.30pm = 90 minutes “Place du 6 Juin”, Friday 7th June – 12.30pm = 60 minutes “Cale Neptune”, Saturday 8th June – 3 x 30 minute Shows – 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm “On the Square”. 

Last week I had a rehearsal with my sound engineer where we wired up my full rig and experimented with sound in the back garden. It’s important to check equipment especially leads to see all is well before we sail. June seems like ages away but not really when there is much to organise and so little time when I am working around existing shows.

The Table Laid Up for Tea!

Charming Cottage at the COAM!

Last Wednesday I went over to Bedford and I had a few extra speaker leads made up. It’s important to have spares just in case one goes down in the field. Good quality thick leads are essential for good sound and there’s nothing I hate more than to see acts using thin weedy leads on stage. It doesn’t look professional and it makes the act look cheep especially if they are still using jack connectors instead of speakons.

Sometimes it’s easy to

Inside the Chapple!

get bogged down with work but this year I have been trying to have a little more time to myself which is partly why I’ve been writing my blog less frequently than normal. It’s a big commitment especially with dyslexia as it often takes me at least five hours to write a blog entry.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of visiting the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Chalfont St Giles I hadn’t been there in years and the last time I played there was over ten years ago. Although it was March, I remember we were caught out with the weather as it was freezing cold and we even had snow on the ground. This time was a little more fun as I had the pleasure of seeing the museum from the perspective of a visitor.

The museum was founded in 1976 and opened to the public in 1981. It rescues and restores English buildings from the Chilterns, which might otherwise have been destroyed or demolished. All the buildings have been relocated to the museum’s 45-acre site, and there are more than 35 buildings on view including a working historic farm with animals.

Buildings of interest include a 1940s prefab (which was my favourite), a reconstruction of an Iron Age house, a Victorian toll house from High Wycombe, a “Tin Chapel” and a forge plus a fine pair of cottages from Leagrave, nere Luton.

I shall leave you with a few of my photos and this blast from the past. A video which was made when I last played at The Chiltern Open Air Museum in 2013.  Enjoy Watching! 

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Two New Show-Reels, Back from Waddesdon & Happy Easter!

A Day Out at Waddesdon!

It wont come as any surprise to learn I’m now in full swing with Easter Bonnet shows as I play through to 13th April. “In my Easter Bonnet” is one of my favourite shows and it’s proving to be the perfect platform for my newly commissioned Mary Poppins Medley. It’s great to sing so many of the old seasonal favorites from “April Showers”, “Apple Blossom Time”  to “Tulips from Amsterdam”. They never fail, and as the vintage time lines move forward these songs seem as popular now as they ever were. They are warm and cosy and it’s a bit like slipping my feet into a comfy pair of old slippers.

I like to be busy but it has been very intense in the office of late as I’ve had a lot of dead lines to meet and the current economic climate is proving tough to negotiate. It reflects in peoples attitudes and there’s not much love especially when

Waddesdon Manor!

every-one is trying so hard to save money and make ends meet. Despite this I’ve been working on a new business card design with my web-designer Karen. I’m keen to appeal to a wider market and choosing the right photos to sell the message can be brain boggling.

Fortunately I have a very good photo library I can call upon but even so it can be difficult finding the right shot with so much choice.

Inside the House!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve launched two new videos in the last couple of weeks. “Puppet on a String” and “My Myself”, a classic Judy Garland power ballad. To see my videos click the links below :-

The Gainsborough Lady!

I’m very proud of both of these videos and I hope in time they will generate a lot of new customers  along with my new show-reel which I featured in my last blog.

I spend far too much of my time prepping for shows and thinking about work which is why I made the conscious decision to take a day off on Saturday to visit the stately Rothschilds mansion Waddesdon Manor. I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago with my friend Fay, not long after the pandemic so it was delightful to see the house again in all it’s spender.

Waddesdon Manor is owned by the National Trust and managed by the Rothschild Foundation, it is one of the National Trust’s most visited properties, with over 463,000 visitors a year

The Games Room in the Bachelor’s wing!

The house is a Grade I listed building in a mostly Neo Renaissance style, copying several French chateaux, between 1874 and 1889. Baron Ferdinand had the chateaux built as a weekend residence for entertaining and to house his collection of arts and antiquities. As the manor and estate have passed through three generations of the Rothschild family, the contents of the house have expanded to become one of the most rare and valuable collections in the world. It’s quite breath taking to wander through the house as it’s exquisitely furnished and it

Beautiful Chandelier!

brought back so many happy memories when I visited with Fay.

In 1957, James de Rothschild bequeathed the house and its contents to the National Trust, opening the house and gardens for the benefit of the general public. Waddesdon is one of my favourite Stately homes, not only for it’s beautiful gardens but because of it’s many treasures. I enjoyed my visit immensely and for the first time I was able to visit the bachelor’s wing. On every occasion when I’ve visited the house before the bachelor’s wing has been closed to the public so this was a real teat.

Another one of the highlights was visiting the treasury. Some of the jewelry on display is breath taking and it’s incredible to think one family had so much wealth. I often imagine when I visit grand houses what it must have been like living in them

Beautiful Vintage Drapes!

back in the day. I’m particularly fond of victorian fashion especially dresses with bustles and that style is reflected in the home furnishings at Waddesdon Manor. Although ruched, swags and tails “Gone with the Wind” style curtains might be out of fashion today I adore this style and it’s lovely to see them in situ at Waddesdon often finished off with beautiful tassels.  

The walls are bedeck with gorgeous paintings including a couple of familiar Gainsboroughs and dutch masters

The Garden Elephant Statues!

When I visited on Saturday the gardens hadn’t as yet come into full bloom as we are still very early in the season, but never the less there are no shortage of lovely walks and I enjoyed visiting the avery and seeing the elephant statues.

I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos from the weekend.

Keep Following -Toodle pip and bye for Now! 😉

Enjoying the Gardens!



Back from Chichester & My New Showreel!

Chichester Cathedral!

I’ve just returned home from a week away performing a series of shows in and around the Chichester area. March marks the beginning of Spring and it’s good to get away from the office after spending so much of the early part of 2024 e-mailing clients. The world is in flux and it’s going to be a tough year. Sadly so many of the venues which were flurising before the pandemic have since closed and I can feel a change in the air.

However despite all this unsurety I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new show-reel. For those of you who follow me may remember back in January I went up to Manchester to film at Streetstar Studios It was a wonderful opportunity and I really enjoyed working with a new set of people which is often the best way to find inspiration. My showreel was a year in the planning and it’s great to see it now, it’s finished. I’m very proud of it and it’s already generating a lot of interest on

Between Shows in Emsworth!

line which I hope will attract a new set of clients moving forward.

I owe a big thank-you to Dom Sabine and his Streetstar team who made my vision a reality. You were all terrific!

To see my showreel just click the link below  – Enjoy Watching!

Inside the Lady Chapel!

I confess I’m currently looking for a new musical adventure and it was fun to include some Postmodern in my showreel. This is just one of three videos I made while I was up in Manchester and later this week I will be launching my next video which is “Puppet on a String”. A classic Sandie Shaw number from the 1960s. It was only ever my intention to feature it in my main showreel but as I was having such a good time at Streetstar I decided to record the song in it’s entirety – So keep watching this space and I will keep you posted!

The Piper Tapestry at the High Altar!

It’s good to work different areas and while I was down in Chichester it gave me time to think. I had shows which took me along the coast to Lyndhurst and up to Pulborough. I’m always working but on this occasion I made a conscious effort to walk into Chichester every day and to take some time out to visit the cathedral and museum. The museum mostly focuses on Chichester’s Roman history although on this occasion they did have a special visiting Starwars exhibition. A must see for Sci-fi fans.

Roman Style Helmets at the Museum!

Personally I loved the Cathedral best. It’s very impressive and dates back to 1108 when the seat of the bishop was moved from Selsey. The Cathedral has fine architecture in the Norman and Gothic styles, and has been described by the architectural critic Ian Nairn as “the most typical English Cathedral”. However despite this, Chichester has two architectural features that are unique among England’s medieval cathedrals, a free-standing medieval bell tower (or campanile) and double aisles. The cathedral contains two rare medieval sculptures, and many modern art works including tapestries, and the Marc Chagall stained glass window which was installed in 1978.

The famous Chagall Window!

While I was there I visited the cathedral twice and sat quietly in the Lady Chapel  which is set aside for prayer and quite Contemplation. I particularly liked the Piper Tapestry which is located at the High Alter. I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos taken while I was in Chichester.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with International Women’s Day, Mothers Day and St Patricks Day coming up this Sunday. Tomorrow I have a Pearly Queen show to perform in Hemel Hempstead and then it’s full steam ahead for Easter.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Welcoming in the Spring & Singing for Blackbushe Airport!

Working Hard in the Office!

February is rapidly drawing to it’s close and we are only a day or two away to welcoming the Spring and moving forward into March.

I don’t have a huge amount to write about largely because it’s been business as usual for February. I’ve been out this month performing romantic songs for the Valentine season while working hard in the office selling shows for the year. Office work can dive me a bit potty and I’m longing to get back out on the road again as I head off to perform along the south coast at the start of next month. I usually open at Hurstpierpoint but this time will be a little different as I begin in Farnham and continue down to Chichester. I have a mixed bag of music to perform with no show like another as I mix post modern with the 1970s and musical theatre with Spring time favourites.

All Set for Blackbushe Open Day!

It’s hard to get a handle on the theme for this year, apart from every-one is going all out for D-Day. Like busses everything seems to come at once and everybody seems to want me for the same dates which is frustrating. That’s the snag with anniversaries and commemorations you have to play the exact dates, days either side often wont do and it can be difficult getting the balance right.

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been booked to sing for Blackbushe Airport’s Open day on the 15th June which is just after I come back

I’m On My Way Now!

from Normandy. I’ve been booked to preform 3 shows daily covering songs from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Blackbushe Airport has an interesting history. It started life in 1942 as RAF Hartford Bridge, and it was used by RAF squadrons throughout the remainder of  the second world war for reconnaissance, defence and strike operations using Spitfires and Mosquitoes. It was also the home of the Free French Squadron (Lorraine).

I’ll Be Delighted to Perform for you in the 15th June!

A number of important people landed at the airport including King George VI  and Queen Elizabeth, Supreme Allied Commander General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery.

RAF Hartfordbridge was also the home of a new system known as “FIDO”(Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation) built by the Airforce Construction Unit. Pipes were laid down both sides on Runway 26, and fed with fuel. The pipes had small holes, and if the airfield was shrouded in fog, the fuel was ignited. The heat created would cause the fog to rise and disperse.

On 18 November 1944, the airfield was renamed to RAF Blackbushe, due to confusion over a similar area in Norfolk. On 15 November 1946, the RAF had moved out, and the airport was handed over to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, becoming Blackbushe Airport.

I’m looking forward to their event very much and it will be great to play somewhere new.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!


Chinese New Year & Singing for Valentines Week!

My Funny Valentine!

The start of the year can often be the hardest, for no other reason than it requires a considerable amount of behind the scenes work, selling shows to potential clients. Things don’t really start moving properly until Valentines week and it’s important to have the bulk of the year sold and mapped out by this point. It can be mundane, but essential and I always look forward to being back out on the road again once the calendar comes round to Valentines.

This year has been a little different because I’ve been out today performing for Chinese New Year. Apparently 2024 is the year of the dragon and never was it more important to have “Puff the Magic Dragon” in my repertoire as it was today. Sadly I have yet to acquire that backing track so I just had to make do with songs that referred to the lunar new year instead, of which there are many. I have no shortage of songs that mention the moon

On Stage performing Fever!

which became the main focus for today’s show although another song I would really like to have in my repertoire is “Chinatown my Chinatown”. I remember hearing this number years ago as the opening song in the pantomime Aladdin and I thought to myself  I’d like to sing that one day. It’s a great number and it’s hard to believe it was written way back in 1910.

Next year is the year of the snake. I’m not particularly fond of reptiles and neither are songwriters and lyricists but I expect something will suggest itself should I be called upon to do another Chinese New Year show in 2025.

I’m now full steam ahead with Valentines week and I have a lovely selection of romantic songs I’m looking forward to singing. I’m booked through to the 19th although times are hard. The bottom has fallen out of the 1940s and reenactment market with entertainment at an all time low. Every-one is trying to save

Going out with Paul for Lunch!

money and more events are turning to aspiring local amateurs rather than touring professionals. It’s no wonder foot falls are dropping and perhaps the whole 1940s scene has had it’s time. It’s tragic to see as this is a scene I care about greatly. I hope things will get better but perhaps not.

It’s important to adapt and to find new markets and the private sector who are booking for weddings, anniversaries funerals etc seems to be much more lucrative. I’m not sure where the future lies but with this being the 80th Anniversary of D-Day I’m super excited to be returning with Paul to Arromanches to sing for their D-day Commemorations. More news on that later but in the mean time I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Stupid Cupid!


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