Fiona Harrison is undoubtedly one of the hardest working entertainers on the heritage and re-enactment scene. She is both innovative and creative and is always looking at new ways of connecting with her ever growing fan base through her social media pages.

In 2016 Fiona launched her first on line magazine entitled “Vintage Fair”. The magazine is designed to give readers an insight into Fiona’s love of all things vintage as we glimpse behind the scenes and take a look at the girl behind the voice.

To read the magazine click onto the link below for a full screen view.  Once in full screen, you can use the slide bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll between pages and the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the text. (To Exit press ESC to come back to this page). Alternatively you can scroll between pages within this page using the arrows on the sides of the magazine (which appear when you hover over the image).