Meet Fiona Harrison – she’s a fizzy fun spirited soprano who brilliantly captures the imagination and all that’s wonderful about vintage. Disciplined and focused, she has single handily created a market for herself within the world of nostalgia. When she arrives all eyes are upon her – making her one of the most exciting and photographed entertainers on the heritage and re-enactment scene. Fearless and unconventional Fiona loves a challenge and is never more engaging than when she is  performing or out and about turning heads in a fabulous new outfit!

In 2016 Fiona launched her first on line magazine entitled “Vintage Fair”. Click onto the link below and share in Fiona’s love of all things vintage as we glimpse into her life style and take a look at the girl behind the voice.


Listen to Fiona’s interview with Rosie MacLeod on “Radio Verulam” as she speaks about her career and the tricks she uses to stay on trend within the world of Vintage.


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Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million1 day ago
Out-fit of the Week!
Catch me this week as I put on my Edwardian Swimsuit and head down to Bexhill-on-Sea. Photos shot on location by Lewis Brockway - Keep Following! 😉 🎶🎵#vintagesinger #vintagestyle #bexhill #bexhillonsea #bathingbeauty #musichallentertainer #vintageswimsuit #fionaharrison #avoiceinamillion
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million1 day ago
This week I’ve been tied up performing “Song for Summer” shows. This weekend it’s all change as I put on my red white and blue, brush up on my French and perform for Bastille Day for a private event in Corby after first visiting the BCLM on Saturday - see you there! 😉🎶🇫🇷🇬🇧
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million3 days ago
All set and ready to perform “A Song for Summer” this afternoon, a show dedicated to musical summer favourites through the decades. Keep Following! 😉🎶 #vintagestyle #vintageentertainment #vintagesinger #fionaharrison #avoiceinamillion
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million
Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million1 week ago
Blog News!
I'm going to take a break from writing blogs for a while so please enjoy my last. I have much to do this summer and I look forward to catching up with you soon. Enjoy Reading! 😉 🎶🎵

Anglia ITV News – 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Click on the video link below to see how Fiona’s region has been marking the 75th Anniversary of VE Day in lockdown – seen here on Anglian ITV News.


Fiona Harrison  – A Voice in a Million


Fiona Harrison is an extraordinary entertainer who combines beauty and elegance with quality and style. Dubbed by one theatre critic “A Voice in a Million” after her stunning performance in the touring stage musical “From Cobbles to Rock”, Fiona has lead the way in vintage entertainment performing extensively in theatres and cabaret venues from as far a field as Japan to the Outer Hebrides and Europe. Highly respected on the re-enactment and heritage scene for her gorgeous costumes and thrilling showmanship; Fiona specialises in music from the 1880s to the 1970s performing a variety of musical styles from Opera, Big Band and Swing to Rock and Roll.

Fiona’s trademarks are her superb medley arrangements and close harmony work which she has achieved through embracing modern technology to produce her own distinctive sound. By recording the two harmony parts onto her backing track and then singing the melody line live in performance Fiona’s act is unique and unlike any other. With over a thousand songs in her repertoire and with a wealth of shows to choose from Fiona’s performances are always fresh and exciting displaying great musical and vocal variation not to mention her stunning period costumes and beautiful out fits.

Credits have included stand up comedy in the Joyce Grenfell vein, summer seasons, pantomime, working with “The Milton Keynes City Orchestra Big Band” and the “George Thorby Glen Miller Orchestra”. Starring in “You are my Hearts Delight” at Bexhill’s famous De la Warr Pavilion with “Opera South East”,plus national theatre tours in the 1940s stage musicals “We’ll Meet Again” and “How Hovis Won the War” to name but a few.

Today Fiona spends much of her time travelling, performing on average between 250 and 280 shows a year. She has an every growing following through her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Social media pages and updates her blog diary every week. Fiona also writes for the Uk’s monthly nostalgic magazine the “Best of British” on a variety of fashion and music related topics connected with the 1940s and vintage scene.

During her career Fiona has been a guest on many radio shows.

To find out more about Fiona’s career and background click onto her Biography, Credits, Articles and Blog pages. For fashion check out Fiona’s Fashion and various decade pages where you can read up about her many shows and view her Videos and Show Reels online.