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High Winds & A Topsy Tervy February!

I’m afraid it’s just a quick blog tonight manly because I’ve been working at my desk so much this week I need to get away from my computer screen and do something else. The world is still reeling from Covid and it’s a Topsy Tervy time. Every-day I hold my breath hoping all will be… Read more »

The Queen’s Accession, Valentine’s Day & Ditchling’s Sweetheart Vera Lynn

This week I’ve been concentrating on performing two styles of  shows. The first my “Happy and Glorious” show to commemorate the Queens Accession which took place on the 6th February back in 1952 and a “Valentines Serenade” to tie in with Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  Both are well tried and tested be-loved shows, but… Read more »

Let’s Do it Versus Busy Doing Nothing!

It’s been an extraordinary week in the office these last eight days as I’ve been working extremely hard to sell my dates for 2022. With the Queens Accession and Valentines day I’ve sold nearly all of February and I’m now fully booked for Easter with only seven dates remaining for December. Of course with the… Read more »

Happy New Year and Full Steam Ahead for 2022!

May I start my blog tonight by wishing you all a very happy new year and thank-you all for your wonderful Christmas cards, presents and new year good wishes. The final count is in, and despite the challenging times I successfully completed two hundred and nine shows last year and forty one out of the… Read more »