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The History of Cigarette Advertising!

  This week I’ve decided to do something a little different blog wise and  publish an article I wrote a couple of years ago on Cigarette advertising. It may seem  strange that I would take an interest in such peculiar subject, especially as I am an avid non smoker and  I hate to be anywhere… Read more »

Vintage Shows & Moving Forward into 2021!

Despite us all living though another serious lock down it’s still very much business as usual here at Harrison HQ. There’s never a shortage of work to be done and I’m constantly planning, designing and thinking about how I can improve my shows and media presentation. Which is why I’m thrilled to announce the introduction… Read more »

Zooming, Happy New Year & Hello 2021!

Once again it’s just a very quick blog tonight as I get ready to welcome in the New Year. It was lovely to have a couple of days off over Christmas with my family, although I was soon back to work on the 27th performing via zoom for my customers. I just have two more… Read more »

Merry Christmas, Goodbye 2020 & The Last Singer Standing!

It’s just a very quick blog tonight as I get ready for Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow although looking at how late the hour is I realise Christmas Eve is already here. Fortunately I’ve been able to keep working with my Christmas Driveway Concerts and I have two shows back to back tomorrow before I… Read more »

A Driveway Christmas & Singing at St Barnabas Church!

Once again it’s been a busy week, and very much business as usual as I continue with my Driveway Concerts. I never thought I would be performing out-side this late in the year but earlier this week there was a News item on the BBC showing entertainers from the West end stage knocking on peoples… Read more »

Christmas Driveway Concerts & Battling the Cold!

It’s just a quick blog today as I continue with my Christmas Driveway Concerts. This isn’t work for the faint hearted as it requires stamina and a lot of determination. The devil is in the detail and I’ve upgraded my leads to a heavier duty rubber which can cope with the cold and working out… Read more »