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Part 1 – Back from Arromanches & the 80th Day Commemorations 2024!

Bound for Normandy!

These last three weeks have been one endless whirl with the run-up to Normandy and beyond. I only got back to the UK late on the 11th June and since then I’ve had shows every-day which is why I’m a little later than normal with my blog. I’ve so much to tell you all which is why I have split my blog into two D-Day parts as I share with you my news.

Since my return there has been much to sort out and last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at Blackbushe Airport in Camberley for their Airshow, but more on that later.

D-Day Party Show 22nd June!

Just to keep my news up to date don’t forget I will be performing this weekend Saturday 22nd June a special D-day Party show at High Wycombe Arts Centre, Desborough Road, High Wycombe, HP11 2PU. Doors open at 6.30pm and tickets are £10 each and are available on the door or by e-mailing  – We look forward to seeing you!

Back to France!

It was an incredible honour to be booked as Arromanches “Artist in Residence” for the 80th D-Day Commemorations. I know this town really well having performed there many times before, dating back to the 65th in 2009. My show connections with Normandy go back even further when I first performed in Ver-sur-Mer for the 60th which is now home to the British Memorial. Every five years Normandy goes bonkers when all the heads of state descend and this year was no exception.

Robert with Richard Hammond!

Apparently over five million people holidayed and attended the various D-Day Commemorations up and down the Normandy coast line this year which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Meeting Up with Dick and Angel Strawbridge!

Arromanches is at the heart of Gold Beach and it’s famous for the Mulberry Harbour, a man made harbour which enabled vital supplies of munitions to be off loaded for the advancing allied troops in 1944. You can still see remains of the harbour today.

Arromanches had booked me to perform a series of different shows in and around the town for the D-Day period from the 5th through to the 9th. This also included the main evening 90 minute  6th June D-day slot just before the 11pm fireworks.

It’s important to be versatile and to go with the flow. This year I was lucky enough to travel with sound engineer Robert Bailey who gave me the support I needed to negotiate the busy streets. It’s not just about having a good sound engineer but having someone you can trust to watch your back and equipment while the other goes off to

Meeting up with our friend Megane!

park the vehicle. It’s important to work as a team and as Rob has an appreciation of all things 1940s he was the obvious choice for the job.

It’s important not to underestimate D-Day and to bring a sufficient amount of equipment. Fortunately my rig is versatile and I’m able to scale up or scaled down depending on the brief. We had been booked to perform 7 shows in 5 days and over the duration Robert and I used all six of our speakers in a variety of different combinations to cope with the changing locations.

Meeting Up with Friends & Re-enactors!

Our first “We’ll Meet Again” ATS show on the 5th took place outside the tourist information office in Arromanches. It seemed to be a day for celebrities as Rob and I bumped into Richard Hammond walking back to the van, Dick and Angel Strawbridge from “Escape to the Chateau” and later that evening Vernon Kay from the BBC who interviewed me live on “The One Show”. I also had a morning Radio 2 interview lined up with Vernon on the 6th June which ment Rob and I had to get into Arromanches early prior to 6am before the Gendarmes closed the roads for the heads of states.

It can be a killer getting in for 6am especially if you’ve had a late night before so it’s important to grab sleep where you can. I left Robert fast a sleep on my friends sofa at Normandy Beach as I walked into Arromanches to do my interview with Vernon Kay. The BBC had set up camp, broadcasting out of the 2nd floor window of a hotel on the square. It was fascinating to see the BBC at work, with the sound people

Arromanches Starting to Fill up for D-Day!

working in another room and Vernon grabbing 5 minutes shut eye before jumping to life to comment on the ceremony. I waited in the corridor as the BBC crew dashed from room to room. I sang “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again” live on the show after my interview which seem to go down really well with the listeners.

I had been a little worried about the live vocal mix with the track on air. I needn’t have worried because  when I heard the playback it was perfect. To mix raw like that takes great skill

Filming with Vernon Kay & The One Show!

and it just goes to show how talented the BBC sound people are. So hats off to the BBC!

Later that day Rob and I attended the VIP Dutch Cocktail party as Prince William visited the 6th June D-day museum. I remember seeing him and Kate in Arromanches for the 70th as he paid tribute to the fallen. Our next big event that day was our evening 6th June D-Day concert. Sadly we got parked in by the British Military which delayed our sound check as our host wanted us to go though their main PA system . This system lined the square and played all along the prom.

Off to a VIP Cocktail Party!

When the sound crew came back from dinner they rigged up a foldback speaker for me which stopped the delayed slap back off the buildings which can often happen in large town spaces.

Fortunately the weather conditions were perfect as we had to double up and use the veterans metal gantry stage as a performance space. Robert worked my sound from the sound booth which was 50 meters away from the stage while the French technical crew projected my show onto the big screen. A lot of thought goes into my shows and it’s important to be on trend with the changing times. These days D-day audiences want more than just the 1940s. This year I opened with “The Longest Day” I also included Postmodern, Rock and Roll, lots of War time sing-along favourites, French songs, British Themes and Abba’s Waterloo.

On Stage 6th June!

It’s all about capturing the mood as Robert and I played to over 2000 people. The show was a great success and the energy I was able to draw off the crowd was amazing. In my next blog I shall tell you more about how Robert and I played at Cale Neptune, the Veterans Dinner and singing for Arromanches Triathlon

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now!

Out and about in Arromanches!