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The Merry Month of May!

All Set for May Day!

It’s all go here at Harrison HQ as things are really starting to ramp up as we get closer to Normandy and D-Day Commemorations. I have a busy month ahead of me opening with the May Day Fayre which is taking place in my home town of Leighton Buzzard this Bank holiday Monday. I’m booked to perform 2 x 35 minute sets and I’m thrilled to be opening the Market Cross stage at 9.45 am with a selection of Disney classics. After a costume change I will be returning at 1.40pm with some good old Rock and Roll favourites straight after the Fly pass. We don’t know if it will be a Spitfire or Hurricane yet but all in all it should be a terrific day and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.

Cholsey & Wallingford Railway!

This week I’ve been busy performing ATS “We’ll Meet Again” shows with the run up to VE Day on the 8th. It still makes me chuckle when I’m in uniform and people ask me how long have I’ve served in the ATS for?

In case you are not familiar with the ATS initials they stand for Auxiliary Territorial Service. The ATS was formed in 1938 and tasked women with a range of vital roles during the Second World War. It was disbanded in 1949, when the remainder of its troops transferred to the newly formed Women’s Royal Army Corps. It’s amazing a lot of people still think my uniform, although 55 years later, think it relates to the current Women’s Royal Army Corps. I was even saluted the other day so it’s incredible the impact this uniform still makes.

Bound for Normandy – COAM – 25th May!

I’m going to be in uniform a far bit this month and I have a couple of super events coming up.

I shall be at Cholsey and Wallingford Railway OX10 9GQ on Sunday 12th May performing 2 x 30 minute sets for their Military Vehicle event. The event is taking place over 2 days Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May and as I happen to be in town performing for a private event on the 12th, I said I would be delighted to sing for them in the morning.  I’m booked to perform 2 x 30 minute Wartime sets between trains at 10.30am and 11.45 am

Bletchley Park – Home of the Code Breakers!

You can also catch me on Saturday 25th May at the Chiltern Open Air Museum, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4AB.  I’m booked to perform 3 x 40 minute shows entitled “Bound for Normandy” at  11.15am, 1.15pm & 3.15pm. This will be a sneak peak of some of the music and shows I will be taking out to Normandy for the 80th D-Day Commemorations. Please click the link for more details:-

Karl and Julius Meet Alan Turing!

Lastly on the 27th May I shall be back in Leighton Buzzard singing for the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gage Railway’s “Diesel Gala with a Hint of Steam” event. This time I will be performing a mixture of vintage songs from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s over 2 x 45 minute sets with more details available by clicking the link below:-

Plenty to do and lots to prepare for.  Tomorrow I’m rehearsing and then I’m in the recording studio in the evening picking up some new backing tracks in preparation for Normandy. I shall leave you with a few photos from last weekend when I met up with my friends Julius, Karl and Hilary at the home of the code breakers, Bletchley park. Bletchley Park is one of those places you can’t take it all in on the first visit and every-time I return

Inside Bletchley Park!

I always learn something new.

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