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Whipsnade,Going French and a New Album!

I’m sorry I’ve not been quite as active on social media this last week as normal but to be honest I’ve been working flat out and I’m pleased to announce I’m booked to record a new D-Day Commemorative album this weekend. For those of you who follow me will know I’ve been out and about a fair bit the last couple of months and it great to see all my hard work starting to come together. April has been a very busy month having completed 31 shows and May is going to be just as busy with the run up to D-Day.
I’m afraid once again I’m in a bit of a dash when it comes to writing my blog tonight as I want to get back rehearsing my songs in prep for the recording studio. I’ve been working very hard at my French and the pronunciation. This week I have been going over my French songs with a very good friend and pianist Ross who is a wiz when it comes to French. Being dyslexic I have to work twice as hard. I learn the phonetics and sometimes I do make mistakes reversing the sounds but pratice makes perfect and I’m so close to getting it spot on that I must get back to my rehearing!
I’m pleased to announce Saturday’s show at Whipsnade Village Hall is a sell out so I will be taking it away with my “We’ll Meet Again” Show before heading off to the recording studio!
Now I really must dash Thank-you for Following and Toodle Pip!