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A Voice in a Million

Mon Dieu, The Album and the 7th June!

Me after 11 hours in the Recording Studio!

This weekend has been one of the most exhausting I’ve ever done. With a show on Saturday night and then a full day of singing in the recording studio on Sunday I’ve never worked so hard in all my born days. Of course when I say a full day I mean 11 and a half hours in the studio plus a 3 hour car journey there and back. What I was able to achieved this weekend I’m very proud of and I think I can say this will be the best album I’ve ever done! To be honest and this may sound a bit crazy but I’ve never much liked my singing voice until now. After 22 years of singing professionally it’s suddenly matured and I’m singing better now than I have ever done. All my hard work, training and experience is now starting to pay off and I can’t quite believe what I was able to achieve this weekend. The reason I’m so proud is because I also sung in French and I was able to lay down a few French rehearsal tracks too which will help me to perfect my pronunciation before I perform in Normandy for D-Day. I was also able to pick up my WW1 backing tracks which I orded last year and as ever Richard has done me proud with the arrangements. This year is getting very busy and I don’t have many dates left but I’m enjoying doing my WW1 Music Hall shows which have really taken off this year!
I’ve now got to work hard on the CD cover design and Rachel is helping me to do that as I have a very clear idea of what I want. Sadly it has put my mobile sight behind ever-so slightly but it is nearly there and all is in hand so like I keep saying not long now!
I will be launching my D-Day commemorations album in France as part of my tour and I’ve included Edith Piaf’s Mon Dieu along with another French song I enjoy singing very much J’Attendrai. Richard has also produced a new backing track for me of “Requiem for a Soldier” which many of you will know as the theme tune to Band of Brothers. This is my final song on the album and I thought it would be very appropriate for my show in Saint Marie du Mont. I was inspired by the 1812 overture so we have an element of La Marseillaise in the arrangement.
Speaking of Ste Marie du Mont I must clear up the query I will be singing on the 7th June in Ste Marie du Mont at 4pm outside the church and not the 6th which has appeared on a few web-sites. This is a typing error. I will be in Arromanches on the 6th performing for the Veterans in The Veterans Marquee. So if you want to see my show make sure you make it along to Ste Marie du Mont at 4pm on the 7th June and you will be able to see me performing my American Swing GI Jive Show. My Arromanches show on the 6th is a private event and not open to the public.

Bell Ringing at All Saints Church!

I’m pleased to say that after Saturday’s show at Whipsnade which went really well and Sunday’s recording day I was able to take some time out and enjoy Leighton Buzzard’s May Day Fair. Being a special Day All Saints Church opened up the Bell Tower and for anyone who ever wanted to take up bell ringing there is quite a skill to it. Great for toning the back and arms though!
Today I have been out singing and I’m looking forward to having a day in the gym tomorrow with shows booked in the rest of the week.
Time for bed now I think. Thank you for Following and Toodle Pip!