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St Georges Day and Off Down to Devon!

All Set for St Georges Day!

All Set for St Georges Day!

Once again I’m posting a little earlier than usual this week as I have much to do with St Georges day tomorrow and then a run of shows which will be taking me down to Devon. So it’s all go making sure I have everything packed and planned for these next few days. I’ve been working in my office today making sure I have all my paper work up to date, costumes packed and shows properly prepared. No sooner do I get back from Devon on Tuesday and I’m over to Romford in Essex performing for the WI as it’s their Centenary. I’ve been booked to perform my WW1 show “Pack Up Your Troubles” and I have quite a few WI engagements booked in the diary for this year. Next month I shall be returning from Chichester only to be heading straight up to the Cotswolds for a WI event which is being held at Morton in the Marsh – so it’s all go on the Western Front as they say!

Stepping Out 1920s Style!

Stepping Out 1920s Style!

Tomorrow I have a very full day with 3 costume shows booked in. My first two shows are “The Good Old Days” Music Hall ones and my last is a Pearly Queen show so I have lots of changes to do and I know I will be very tired when I get home. Friday I have a Pearly Queen show in the afternoon for a private party before driving down to Totnes in Devon. I expect it will take me about 4 hours but I’m looking forward to going very much. I love to travel and I like to think of myself as a Gypsy at heart, but then most entertainers are! I’ve never been to Totnes before only rather disappointingly I’ve heard there’s going to be a change in the weather and it’s likely to rain. How very inconsiderate of it – so I shall make sure I pack my mac! Once I’m down in Devon I’m booked to do two shows one Pearly Queen and the other 1920s for a private party in Paignton.

That’s all my news on the show front for the moment although I have been working on some new designs for my web-site as the Media Page is long over due and I have lots of ideas. I want to make my media page ever changeable a little like my blog page and I have an appointment with Rachel my web designer  next week. I’m looking forward to discussing what might be possible as technology is ever-changing and it’s important a web-site is kept up to date and engaging.

Well must dash. I wont be back from Devon until Tuesday by which time I hope I will have lots of news and great photos to share with you all.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!