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From Devon to WI and On Into May!

Out and About in Dartmouth!

Out and About in Dartmouth!

Shopping for Vintage Fashion at "Revival"

Shopping for Vintage Fashion at “Revival”

Hello every-one and what a busy week it’s been too. I’m working flat-out to make all my dead lines for this week which is why I’m a day late with my blog. If you have been following me on Facebook you will know I’ve only just got back from performing down in Devon. I was booked to sing for a 100th birthday party at a restaurant called “Eat that Frog” in Paignton on Monday and I got back yesterday evening. Today I have been out and about performing in Romford in Essex for the WI’s special centenary celebration so I have much to tell you all of my last few days away!

I’ve been on the road enjoying Devon. I drove down straight after my Pearly Queen show on Friday evening and it was lovely to have a couple of days off from singing, sight-seeing in Totnes and Dartmouth. Paul met me down in Totnes as he knows the area very well and there is so much to see. We only had two days away clear from shows but when it comes to tea shops bakerys and cafes Totnes doesn’t disappoint. I was determined to have a home cooked local pasty which I did for lunch on the Tuesday before driving home. I do rather

Me Trying on That Norfolk Suit!

Me Trying on That Norfolk Suit!

enjoy going out for tea and there is nothing I enjoy more than pottering about looking in shop windows and visiting antique and retro fashion shops. When it comes to retro fashion Totnes has a fantastic shop called “Revival” which is simply crammed full of vintage clothes. I came across the most wonderful Norfolk suit complete with plus 4s which I just had to have! It’s very Mr Toad of Toad Hall but it’s one of those things I just know will come in useful. After all when was the last time you saw one which was cut to fit a woman’s figure! I kind of feel I want to learn to ride a Pennyfarthing or play golf or something as it’s just the thing for that! I was also able to pick up a wonderful pair of  white stain 1920s style shoes which will be perfect to wear with my Gatsby gown. Perhaps my best buy was a WI brooch which I picked up in a charity shop for £5. I’m not sure the date as it’s blue and white enamel and I would have thought the early WI pins would have been in the

My 1920s Satin Shoes!

My 1920s Satin Shoes!

WI colours green and purple the same as the Surrigettes. The WI and the Surrigettes are quite closely related and I felt very proud wearing my brooch today on my WW1 costume. It suits very well although I’m thinking the brooch might be 1940s. So I wonder if any of you reading this might know the answer to please let me know!

My WI Brooch!

That Very Special WI Brooch!

The Sloping Deck at Dartmouth!

The Sloping Deck at Dartmouth!

On Sunday Paul and I went to Dartmouth and we had lunch at The Sloping Deck Restaurant and yes the building really does slope – which is not surprising as it was built-in 1635 by two wealthy merchants on reclaimed land from the river. You really do feel a bit at sea although the food was excellent and we enjoyed our lunch so much we decided to go back for afternoon tea. The restaurant has a famous mantle which depicts the Pentecost with Mosses and David. Down stairs the restaurant is built on a colonnade called The Butter Walk which back in the day was used by farmers wives to sell butter, cheese and eggs ect hence its name. The Sloping Deck is always busy as it has a bakery down stairs with a wonderful selection of cakes pasties and qeuies  – Yummy!

Paul and I at "Eat That Frog" in Paignton!

Paul and I at “Eat That Frog” in Paignton!

Mondays show went really well at “Eat that Frog” as I was booked to perform the music of the 1920s 30s and to present a sing along Music Hall show in my Pearly Queen costume. I now have a very busy May a head with the 70th anniversary of VE Day. In fact I’ve been getting about 3 enquiries a day for VE weekend so it’s going to be a very busy month. On Friday I’m down in London and then you can catch me at the Abingdon Air show on Sunday 3rd at the Abingdon Airfield, Dalton Barracks, Oxon OX13 6JQ. I will be on stage at 10.30am and at 4.15pm so see you there.

Must dash as I have so much to do. keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

Paul Doing His Male Model Thing in Dartmouth!

Paul Posing in Dartmouth!