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A Voice in a Million

Singing for the Suffrage, Royal Wedding Fever, Munnings Tea Room & Mil-fest!

Votes for Women!

Paul and I have just got back after a fantastic weekend working away. In fact so much has happen I hardly know where to begin but begin it must if I am to keep you all up to date with my travels.

It all started on Friday when we were at the National Archives in Kew for the museum’s Suffragette Event. It’s always exciting to go somewhere new and the museum which had gone to a great deal of trouble to stage this inspiring event. I had been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute sets from 6pm through to 10pm and from the moment we arrived we knew the evening was

going to be a huge success. It attracted all sorts of people and at one point I even had the Leeds City Verities Costume designer up on stage with me performing “Hands Knees and Boomps a Daisy”. What can I say I couldn’t resist and neither could he!

Getting Ready Back Stage!

Burlington Bertie!

I’d put together three programs of music which covered Opera, Music Hall and the Variety stage although the songs which attracted the most applause and enthusiasm was “Sister Suffragette” from Mary Poppins which probably wont come as any great surprise when you take into consideration

Singing for the Happy Couple!

the nature of the event and “Nesun Dorma” where I received a standing ovation. It was a lovely event to be involved in and I hope very much I have the pleasure of singing for The National Archives in the future. After my shows I had a little look around the exhibition which was extremely interesting along with all the suffragette books and

memorabilia in the gift shop.

Of course who could forget that Saturday was Royal Wedding day and after the National Archives Paul and I had a quick turn around

Inside the Crooked House!

as we headed up to Northampton for a private party. I had been booked to perform my “Happy and Glorious” show which this year I gave an American variation to so as to tie in with the Royal Wedding theme.

Straight afterwards Paul and I were back on the road over to Suffolk and to the beautiful village of Lavenham where we had been booked by Munnings Tea Room to sing all day on Sunday as part of the villages 1940s event. I love the village of Lavenham as there is not one single straight wall anywhere to be seen and most of the houses

Dancing Outside Munnings Tea Room!

date back several centuries.

Munnings tea room is no exception as it’s famous and is otherwise known as the Crooked House. It’s the oldest house in Lavenham and was originally built in 1395.  Our wonderful hostess Everyl had kindly invited us to stay the night as we slept in a four poster bed made from old English Oak. The bed must have been at least a couple of centuries old and was extremely cosy and comfortable. I’m a great sleeper and as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light.

Paul however is a much lighter sleeper and while I

Out and About in Lavenham 1940s Style!

was asleep he said he woke to see the ghost of an old lady looking down at me in bed. I can’t say I saw her but anything is possible when you are staying in a house which is over 600 years old!

The next day Paul and I set up outside Munnings Tea Room and we sang through from 10.30am to 4.30pm 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. At one point we were having to turn people away as the tea room got so busy. Everyl is famous for her home made cakes and cream teas. Her scones are delicious and if you are ever in Lavenham don’t for get to visit Munnings and the Crooked House – it’s a delight!

Paul on Stage Doing his Thing!

So a big thank-you to Everyl for inviting us to Lavenham and to all the people who came to see our show!

This weekend I shall be in South Wales at Carew Airfield, Carew, Pembrokeshire SA70 8SX for Mil-Fest. On Saturday 26th May I shall be on stage at 11.00am WAAF, 1.00pm Hooray for Hollywood and 3.00pm GI Jive US WAC show, so I hope you can all make it along. Paul will also be joining me on stage Sunday night at The Snooty Fox, Martletwy, Narberth SA67 8AD where we will be performing for a 1940s dance from 7pm. Tickets are £5 each and are available by Telephoning 07811 181341. The Snooty Fox is renowned for it’s good food so if you would like something to eat there is plenty to choose from.

Munnings Tea Room!

That’s all my news for now as things are starting to really get busy with the run up to D-Day and I still have much to prepare. Many thanks to my dear friend Fay for your lovely letter. It’s great to hear all your news!

Must dash Keep Following and Toodle pip! 😉