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A Voice in a Million

Happy and Glorious, Sister Suffragette, The Great War to the 1970s!

Meeting Up with the Suffragette’s in Priory Gardens!

On Stage with Syncopated Jazz!

Hello every-one what a week it’s been. So much has happened since my last blog I hardly know where to begin. Last week was V.E. week and I was out every day performing my “We’ll Meet Again” show often doubling for many of the days. On Saturday I was booked to sing for “Dunstable’s Journey through The Great War and Beyond” event.

The show took place at Priory House and Gardens in the center of Dunstable and was beautifully done. There were some wonderful exhibits including a replica of a WW1 tank and while I was there I met up with the Suffragettes, the Mayor of Dunstable and Syncopated Jazz, a traditional Jazz band who played all the popular 1920s classics. I had been booked to perform 3 shows daily and as this event was to commemorate the end of the Great War I was also asked to  perform a 1920s set which I did so in costume along with my Top Hat and tails and Music Hall set.

Burlington Burtie with a WW1 Tank!

I confess Paul and I had been a little worried about the weather and all through the day we had a steady flow of visitors. However by the end of my second set the heavens opened and then persisted to rain for the rest of the day. Syncopated Jazz and I played on regardless – The show must go on as they say and despite the rain we had a great time. Paul and I really enjoyed the event. Dunstable is only just down the road from me in Leighton Buzzard and I can’t think why I’ve never been to Priory house and gardens before especially as the park is lovely and the tea room is excellent. Maybe it was fate but after my performance on Saturday the organizers were so impressed with my singing that they have booked me back for Saturday 8th September for “Proms in the Park”. I will be supporting the BBC Concert orchestra so I can’t wait!

Getting Ready for my Final Set!

Of-course Saturday was a busy day for me as I had five shows to do. Three in Dunstable and then it was a quick dash over to Flackwell Heath where Paul and I had been booked to perform 2 x 45 minute sets, “Thank-you for the Music” songs from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The show went extremely well although I have to confess by the end of the night I was very tired and I couldn’t wait to get into bed. I so needed my lay in the next morning. However come Sunday there was still work to be done as I made my way over to the recording studio. I currently have a “Grease” medley in production which will add a wonderful addition to my  1970s repertoire.

Today I performed the first of my “Happy and Glorious”shows to tie in with the Royal Wedding. For this year I have given the show an American twist and I can’t believe how time is racing by. I’ve been so busy in fact planning shows for May and June that 1940s radio have aired two of my radio shows and

Meeting up with the Mayor of Dunstable!

I completely missed both. Normally I would let you know though my blog and social media platforms. I only found out by chance when someone I met in the street said they had been listening and enjoying my shows. That just goes to show how busy I’ve been!

Speaking of busy another show has come in for Normandy and both Paul and I have been engaged to sing for the Mayors D-Day Dinner in Benouville, Pegasus Bridge. The town has also confirmed for next year as well which is very exciting. We’ve also been booked to perform in Leicestershire at Stonehurst Farm on the 18th

Paul and I after our show at Flackwell Heath!

19th August for the farm and Museum’s 1940s event. So a couple of more dates for your diary.

In the meantime This Friday I shall be down at The National Archives Museum in Kew, Richmond performing for the museum’s “Suffragette Event” from 6.30pm. Paul and I will be in Lavenham  on Sunday 20th May singing for the towns 1940s event . You will be able to see us at Munnings Tea Room, The Crooked House, Lavenham, Suffolk, performing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. So we look forward to seeing you all.

That’s all my news for now but don’t forget we will be in Pembrokeshire on the 26th and 27th for Carew’s Milfest, but more on that in my next blog.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉