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Remembering Her Majesty The Queen, Battle of Britain & A New Video!

Remembering the Queen in my ATS Uniform!

I’d like to begin my blog tonight by saying how sorry I am to hear about the Queen’s death. It came as a shock because she stood as a constant and all through my life time I have never known any other monarch. It sounds foolish but to me she almost appeared immortal so for her not to be here seems strange and unsettling. I’m so pleased the queen was able to enjoy her jubilee celebrations in June although we all knew her health was deteriorating. She devoted her life to service and we are now entering a new era. It will be interesting to see what the future will bring.

Happy Birthday Robert!

The world is in flux and more than ever we need stability. I hope King Charles III can give us that as we look to the future and remember her great reign. The Queen is dead long live the King!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing for a 1940s Birthday party in Wheathampstead. It was a wonderful event as family and friends came together to celebrate Roberts 22nd Birthday. To begin with we had a shower of rain but that very quickly passed as I performed two forty-five minute sets and finished with some good old

All Set to Start Singing the 1940s!

fashioned Rock and Roll. We even had party games and a wonderful spread of homemade delights, which better still were all off ration!

This Saturday I was due to perform at the RAF Club in Banbury for their Battle of Britain Ball but out of respect for the queen the event has been postponed. As head of the Armed Forces a number of events have been cancelled including The Last Night of the Proms. We are all waiting tentatively for news of when the funeral will be which will be a day of morning.

Next week it’s Battle of Britain day on the 15th and as you might expect I have a full dairy of  WAAF shows to perform. I’m keeping my fingers crossed my shows will go ahead as planned and all will be well despite the nation being in morning. Later this month I’m heading down to the South

Joining in with the Party Games!

Coast and opening my tour at Danny House at Hurstpierpoint near Bighton. I’m also making the most of the opportunity and doing a 1950s photo shoot there with top photographer Angela Adams. Danny House is a wonderful location and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.

I’ve been really lucky to work with some great photographers this year and this week I was able to launch my new 1940s flicker book video which featured shots of me at The Black Country Living Museum. It only seems like yesterday I was performing for their 1940s event and you can see my video by clicking the link  below.

Dressed and Ready for Battle of Britain Day!

All the photos were shot on location on and off stage by photographer Mark Slater. I’m very proud of the video and it is a wonderful document of the weekend. Please like and share with your friends and thank-you for watching.

I also include a few shots taken at Roberts party by Tony Margiocchi.

That’s all my news for now. Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!