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Battle of Britain Week & Honouring the Queen!

Battle of Britain Day!

It’s been a strange week of mixed emotions as the nation said good bye to a great Queen and welcomed in a new King. It’s at times like these one can’t help but feel proud to be British and of our armed forces especially when it comes to seeing all the different military services doing their bit and coming together to honour the late Queen.

I was particularly moved by seeing the pictures of the queens coffin being taken through the streets of Edinburgh to the great kirk of St Giles’s cathedral. It’s been moving to see the different services carrying the coffin and paying their respects at different stages of the queens journey from Scotland to London; and not forgetting the final stage of the queen’s journey when the Royal

A Show for All Occasions!

Air Force carried the coffin from the aircraft at Northolt before making it’s way to Buckingham Place and the lying in state.

I heard on the news tonight the que is now five miles long and it’s a nine hour wait for any-one who wishes to file past and pay their final respects to the queen. We are living through extraordinary times.

As for me it’s been business as usual as I continue to perform Battle of Britain WAAF shows all this week with just a few rescheduled performances due to the nature of events. My shows have been going down extremely well which might have something to do with the countries mood. After the sad passing of our monarch people have been looking for musical escapism and you can’t really go wrong with sing-along songs from the 1940s.

Busy doing Nothing on the Farm!

This weekend I should have been in France performing for the Liberation Ball at the Salle Victor Lorier in the town of Bretteville l’ Orgueilleuse. However due to a double booking the event has been rescheduled to the 22nd October and it was only by chance I was able to squeeze them in. I’m fully booked for 2022 and where it had been my intention to have a few days in Normandy this weekend I’m literally going out on Friday 21st October  performing Saturday and coming

Dressed for the 50s at Stonehurst Farm!

straight back on Sunday 23rd before I embark on Halloween shows which will be taking me through to Remembrance and beyond into Christmas.

As a result I’m back in the recording studio this Sunday to pick up a revised new track of my 1920s Baby medley and I will also be catching up on paper work and prepping my costumes in time for my South coast tour. I’m going away on the 26th and I have a 1950s photo shoot scheduled for the 27th so much to do, but more news on that later.

Singing in the Sunshine!

Next week it’s all change as I move forward in time with a run of shows focusing on the music of the 1950s, 60s & 70s.

I shall leave my blog here tonight and enclose a few of my photos taken by Angela Adams durring last months photo shoot at Stonehurst Farm. Keep Following and Toodle Pip!