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RAF 100, Filming at Norcott, Putting it Together & Super Panavison 70!

Flying High for RAF 100!

My Fair Lady at Norcott Court!

Apart from the normal run of shows this last week I’ve been busy trying to tie up all those loose ends working on show plans and setting all the balls in motion for France and the forth coming My Fair Lady Show-reel. Today I had a meeting at Norcott Court which will be our venue for filming. It’s a fantastic location thanks to Julius and the Rost family who have given us special permission to use their family home. I still need to arrange for the piano to be moved but slowly but surly everything is coming together and I can’t wait to start filming on the 27th.

These last few days I’ve been going back over the film as the original “My Fair Lady” movie was shot in Technicolor using Super Panavision  70 which is twice the width of ordinary film and as you would expect has a slightly different colour saturation to it. Today I had a long chat with Judson of Dragon Egg Media who will be making my film about colouring. In post production we are aiming to give my promo film that sort of look. It’s all very exciting and sometimes I find myself drawn to a thing not really understanding why. The wall paper in Julius’s Drawing room is compatible with Super Panavision 70 and is the exact same colour

Inside Norcott Court!

match as the green coat Audrey Hepburn wore as flower girl Eliza Doolittle in the film. Although my flower girl coat is black the colours together will compliment beautifully and will just add that authentic touch which is so subtle most people wont even notice.

Talking about colour I’ve been working on my fashion colour pallets for France. Usually I work with a red white and blue theme for Normandy but this year I wanted to bring in some  browns and golds. I’m not short of 1940s clothes and this time I’ve been inspired by one brown suit in particular. I’ve been going all out on

Going for Gold!

vintage accessories much of which I’ve been able to find on Etsy. I’m still waiting for my mustard coloured cotton gloves which will be coming from the United States  but today my brooch arrived which will add that finishing touch to my suit. I still have my Normandy show plans to finish off but with this tour I have six shows to do and each one will be slightly different all sporting a different look from uniforms to glamour.

This Saturday Paul and I will be heading off to Norwich to sing for RAF 100 and their special group association reunion. A show in two hales I will be beginning in WAAF uniform singing for their drinks reception and then after dinner it will be a quick change as I perform for the second half in my evening dress as Paul and I provide the entertainment for their Saturday night dance.

That’s all my news for now Keep Following and Toodle Pip!