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Back from Norwich, RAF 100 & Ready to Shoot My Fair Lady!

Enjoying a Pre-Show Dinner in Norwich!

Paul and I at RAF Swannington!

It’s all go here at Harrison HQ as I get set for Normandy and I’m making the most of what little time I have left to prepare my show plans for France before Paul and I head off on tour. I’ve been performing every day this week and this Bank Holiday Monday I will be filming a promo film of my new one woman show “My Fair Lady” on location at Norcott Court. However before I write about that I must tell you first about last weekend and the pleasure Paul and I had performing for RAF 100.

Paul and I had been engaged to perform for RAF 100’s Saturday night dance at The Holiday Inn in Norwich for the groups reunion. We had been sent the itinerary well in advance which included a full programme of events which saw visits to Aviation Museums, ceremonies, a fly past, talks and entertainment. During my career I’ve been involved in many events but this was by far one of the best organised as everything had been meticulously planned right down to our room, which was situated on the ground floor next door to the Halifax Suite. It made changing and setting up so much easier as everything played through with-out a hitch.

On Stage at The Halifax Suite!

When ever I do a show plan I always work in an alternative play list as it’s important to go with the flow and to make sure every bass is covered. To begin with I had been asked to perform in WAAF uniform for the drinks reception and then I changed after dinner into my evening gown for the dance as Paul and I performed a selection of big band and swing tunes. Although I think the audience enjoyed the Hollywood movie musicals best along with “We’ll Meet Again” and “Land of Hope and Glory”.

The following day we were invited to join RAF 100 at St Peter’s Parish Church at RAF Swannington for afternoon tea and entertainment provided by “Timescape”. I first met John and Christine of Timescape way back in 2004 when we were both engaged to perform for Thetford’s Dads Army event. We have been friends ever since and it was a delight to see them perform while the ladies of the Church Action Group offered

Tea at St Peter’s Church!

tea and home-made cakes. This special Remembrance Day Event had been organised by Mike Hillier which included a bi-plane fly past, wreath laying  and a WW2 RAF exhibition.

The night before the group had been treated to a talk given by Nigel Morter and Claire Nugent of The North Creake Control Tower B&B. Some of you who follow my blog regularly may remember I stayed at The Control Tower in August 2015 when I did a 1940s photo shoot  with photographer Angela Adams. I was really sorry to miss their talk as I had to get changed for my set but I hope very much I will catch it some other time and it wont be too long before I have the opportunity  to return to the Control Tower. A big thank-you needs to go out to Janie Harrington the secretary of RAF 100 Group Association who worked so hard to put this event together and for making it such a success.

Meeting Up With “Timescape”!

Now it’s full steam ahead with “My Fair Lady” and I know I have a very full day of filming on Monday scheduled. We shall be filming from 1pm – 9pm and our audience will be arriving to see the show at 3.30pm. For this shoot I will be working with a crew which will include a sound recordest as the show involves a lot of spoken word which needs to be captured at the time and can’t be recorded in a studio first which is how music videos are shot. I shall be singing live all day and performing the show in it’s entirety a couple of times. It’s going to be hard work but I can’t wait to get started and I’m looking forward to the shoot very much.

Time is creeping on and I must get to bed. Tomorrow I have a Pearly Queen show to perform and costumes to prepare.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Christine with Mike Hillier!

Me at RAF Swannington!

We Will Remember Them!