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Off to Bushey and the 1940s Experience Weekend!

Off To Bushey in My A2 Flying Jacket!

Off To Bushey in My A2 Flying Jacket!

This week has been non-stop and as ever I’m burning the candle at both ends to make sure I have everything I need for The 40s Family Experience weekend at The Lincolnsfield children’s Centre. Bushey, Herts WD23 2ES. My telephone has been red-hot this week and it’s been a balancing act to try to keep up to date with answering all my e-mails and performing.  I’ve been out every day this week performing Easter Bonnet shows and I’m straight off after my show tomorrow over to Bushey for the 40s weekend. For those of you who have booked me this week I’m afraid I wont be able to start on your contracts untill Monday – so please don’t worry I do have every-thing in hand.

Tonight I have been planning my shows and play lists and I always try to do something different every time I return to a venue. I have 11 1940s shows and I always like to offer a good variation with something new in the costume line for visitors to see. This often means taking more costumes than I need just in case the weather changes which it usually does. This year I have decided to include my Spring Easter Bonnet show which I’ve never performed at a 1940s event before. The weather has been so lovely of late that I just thought it would capture the mood so I’ve decided to include it into Saturday’s run of shows. I’m booked to perform 3 x 45 minute shows daily which will run as follows:-

Saturday 11th 11.30am “The Fleets in Port Again” – WRNS show, 1.30pm “In My Easter Bonnet” – Spring show, 3.30pm “Sing Sing Sing”-  Lindy Hop Show, Sunday 12th  11.30am “Underneith the Atches”- Pearly Queen Show, 1.30pm Anchors Aweigh – US WAVES Show, 3.30pm “Those Magnificent Men” – WAAF show. I’m also booked to perform a 60 minute set at the Saturday night dance where you can see me on stage as an American WAC performing my “GI Jive show.

I’d like to write and tell you so much more about my week just gone but I’ve so much to do that I really must leave it here tonight. I hope you can all join us for what promises to be a fantastic 1940s weekend. I always feel that the 1940s Experience is the event to open the season and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this lovely weather continues. If it does turn nasty I do have a plan B where I can slip in a “Hooray for Hollywood” in stead of “In My Easter Bonnet”. For more details about the event check out the Lincolnsfields  web-site  on and details about the event on

Don’t forget my one woman show “Life on the Wicked Stage” at Ollie Vees on the 18th April. More on that in my next blog

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