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Lunch at The Cafe in the Attic, Home and Colonial

Lunch at The Cafe in the Attic, Home and Colonial

Today has been the most perfect Easter Monday and in truth I can’t remember the last time we have enjoyed such fine weather for Easter. I’ve just got back from performing two Easter Bonnet shows back to back and I wanted to make a point of writing my blog a little earlier than usual. I spend far too long at my computer screen and I just thought it would be nice to have a little time off tonight from the usual paper work which goes with being on the stage.

life wicked stage A42Today I was performing in Berkhamsted and Aylesbury. I had a morning and afternoon show and broke for lunch at “Home and Colonial” which is a wonderful antiques emporium which sits on Berkhamsted high street just past the Church. “Home and Colonial” was once the old tea stores back in the day and up stairs on the 3rd floor is a wonderful cafe called “Cafe in the Attic”. I often like to pop in when I’m between shows and down stairs they have lots of vintage clothes – so for me it’s like home from home! My Easter Bonnet show has been proving very popular this year with performances running through to the 15th. It’s one of my favourite shows as it has some great musical content. The new numbers a “Tisket a Tasket” and “There’s a Small Hotel” have been going down very well along with the old favourites and not forgetting “There ain’t nobody Here but us Chickens”. I couldn’t really leave that one out with it being Easter and all!

Poster 1950 - 60's  JPEGThis year is taking shape nicely and I’m so pleased so many of you have been enjoying my article in the Best of British magazine this month. The 1940s scene is changing and it’s important not to get stuck and to be stale which is why I’m always looking at how I can make my shows new and exciting. Next weekend you can catch me on the 11th and 12th at The 1940s Family Experience at The Lincolnsfields Centre   I will be performing 3 x 45 minute shows daily at 11.30am 1.30pm and 3.30pm plus a 60 minute set at the Saturday night dance. I’m currently working on my show plans and this year I will be joined on stage with Sinatra style singer Paul Marsden. I’m planning on adding in a few different shows  just to keep things fresh and if the fine weather continues I may well perform my Easter Bonnet show and possibly a London Pearly Queen one. Check out my blog on Thursday when I will be publishing my show choices for the weekend. In the mean time I have lots of shows in the pipe line covering all sorts of periods. I’ve been sent some posters which I’ve pined in. Some of my public events include my one woman show at Ollie Vees on the 18th April, Abbingdon Air and Country Show 3rd May, Longhope does the 1950s and 60s 16th May, Norfest 24th May, Ste Marie du Mont, Normandy, France 6th June and lots more. So keep following my blog and I will keep you posted.

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