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May Day Excitement to A Festive Kings Coronation!

May Day Fun in Leighton Buzzard!

It’s been a pretty intense festive seven days with me out and about performing “Happy and Glorious” shows every day this week. However Monday’s May Day Fair was a little different with me opening up with my new Post Modern set and concluding with some good old fashioned Rock and Roll which went down really well with the dancers. I spend a lot of my time travelling so it’s always a treat when I have the opportunity to perform in my home town. Leighton Buzzard didn’t disappoint as the whole town came out to enjoy the May Day Fair and we were even lucky with the weather too.

I’ve been working hard the last month on a fresh Post Modern set and this was my first

It’s All About the Bass – Sound Check!

opportunity to perform a lot of my new numbers. Post modern is very on point at the moment and it’s important to keep my shows fresh and exciting. Audiences are really drawn to this style of music which is taking modern pop songs from the last 30 years and performing them in a vintage style. So it’s a little like Lady Gaga meets 1920s speak easy, which I did do by the way when I performed “Bad Romance”.

This is something I want to develop further and the number which went down really well on Monday was “All About that Bass”. This song was

Checking Out the Vintage Scooters!

originally recorded by the American singer song writer and television personality Meghan Trainor in 2014. I confess I’ve lived the last 30 years of my life in a vintage bubble oblivious to what’s been going on in the modern pop world so I have a lot of catching up to do if I’m to stay in business and competitive.

Leighton Buzzard’s May Day Fair is organised by the Rotary Club and they always do it extremely well. The High Street and the recreation ground are always packed full for people and there is always plenty to see and do with stalls, a fun fair, a

Getting Ready for my Rock and Roll Set!

vintage scooter display, arena events and entertainment in the high street and down on the recreation ground.

Both my shows went extremely well as I performed songs from 1950s, 60s & 70s for my second set and I concluded with my new British themes medley which I timed perfectly with the Spitfire fly past.

With the country now in full swing with the coronation it’s been delightful to see peoples patriotic decorations as I’ve been driving from

Coronation Ready!

show to show. It’s been good for me to have a run of the same show which allows me to spend more time between performances learning new songs. It’s a little like being in Rep where you are performing one show but learning another behind the scenes at the same time. I know my “Happy and Glorious” show very well although I can remember a time when I first struggled with the words to “Rule Britannia” and “I Vow to thee my Country” often muddling the lyrics and not always singing the words in the right order, but then practice makes perfect!

A Coronation Cake Fit for a King!

I have a huge pile of songs to learn and now I’m older I’m able to tackle modern pop where before a lot of the songs I wanted to sing were too low and they didn’t always sound right when transposed into higher keys.

This week has been very full on with me performing two shows daily and the trend for Coronation shows continues into next week with a “We’ll Meet Again” show booked for Monday VE Day 8th May and a “Magic of the Musicals” plus one “Putting on the Ritz” show where I will be including some of my new Post Modern.

I shall leave you with a few of my photos from this week from the May Day Fair and me out and about at various Coronation Parties.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and bye for now! 😉

King Charles III Coronation 6th May 2023!