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Off to Kent and Down to Hastings!

I’m afraid it’s only a very quick blog tonight as I’m burning the midnight oil once more trying to get everything done and ready before I head off to Kent. I’m booked to sing for the village of West Malling tomorrow not far from Maidstone in Kent and I have been asked to do a mixture of music from the 1940s and 50s for their Village Lunchon. After the show I’m heading down to St Leonards nere Hastings and I wont be back again until Monday evening. To be honest I haven’t truly unpacked and sorted everything out from Normandy yet, even now I still have some e-mails I must answer – but I am getting there!

As you can see I’m getting to grips with word press and the new way of doing my blogs. I’m struggling a bit with the

Fiona Harrison at Omaha with an Indian Princess!

Me at Omaha with an Indian Princess!

elinements as you can see clearly on my last D-Day blog. The photos and text wont sit where I want them to go but I dare say if I keep at it all will come right in time. I still haven’t found the spell check and these blogs don’t seem to be going through to my facebook pages. I know Rachel is on the case so do bear with us until we get everything working the way it should.

In the mean time I have posted up a few more photos of my D-Day tour onto facebook and here you can see me at Omaha cemitary with an Indian Princess and chef.

Gosh it’s late enjoy my photos Toodle Pip and thank-you for Following!