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Back from Hastings and Off to Portsmouth!

Hello one and all this weekend I have been performing down in Kent for a summer fate not far from West Malling while staying over in St Leonards nere Hastings. If you have been following me on face book you may well have seen my photos. Hastings Old Town is one of my favourite haunts as I buy alot of my vintage clothes from there and this Sunday I enjoyed some time out to do a bit of shopping while taking in the sea air. It seems like ages since I was last in Hastings but the wonderful thing about the old town is it’s full of intresting, antique and vintage fashion shops – all very bohimian so perhaps not surpisingly I feel very at home there!  All the dealers know me really well and it was great catching up with them all espesaily with Ann of Bliz Knitz who knits all my 1940s jumpers and yes I did come home with two new sweaters!  I’m so looking forward to wearing them as they really show off my curves.

This year has been really busy and it’s going to get even busier with all the WW1 anniveraries I’m booked to do so it’s important I make the most of my days off .  I shall be returning to Hastings in November. I’ve been booked to sing for a vintage life boat event and I have a few shows to do the following week –  a good excuse to stay down there I think! This weekend I stumbled upon the most wonderful hard wear shop called A G Hendy & Co Homestore Hastings while I was in the old town. If you click through to my facebook pages you can see all my photos. As yet my blogs don’t seem to be going through to facebook but Rachel is on the case and I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one will go through tonight! Now we have gone mobile with my web-site we still have a few teething problems to work on. As yet I haven’t found the spell check when I’m writing my blog and the boarders on my photos are all wrong. We will sort this out in time so please do bear with us. I still have loads more photos from France I must post up onto my facebook pages so please do keep watching!

Once again I have shows all this week and on Saturday I will be heading down to Portsmouth. I’ve been booked not to sing but to compere at The National Royal Navy Museum for their Sea Soldiers – A Journey through Time event which celebrates 350 years of the Royal Marines. Something I’m really looking forward to doing  and something a little different.  As many of you already know I do a Wrens show which ment I had the right uniform and I think that’s how I got the job.

We’ll must dash it’s getting late and don’t forget to have a look at my photos on facebook

Toodle Pip and Bye for now!

Me out and About in Hastings

Me out and About in Hastings