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Joining the 21st Century with the Iphone 5C!

Trying Out my New Phone at EE!

Trying Out my New Phone at EE!

Cory and I try out a Selfy on the 5c

Cory and I try out a Selfy on the 5c

Hello every-one it’s been a busy week in the office. I’ve been working really hard to get my contracts out for 17 before I head off this Friday for my annual accounts weekend. If you have been following my blogs over the last few years you will know I do this every January. Check myself into a Premier Inn and I spend the time quietly sorting out my receipts and finances before I present them to my account. I find it’s a good time to clear my head and it gives me some valuable time away to get my feathers straight before I embark on the new year.

This week I’ve also been back in the gym and out running every day getting into shape for 2017. It’s very important with my diabetes I excersize every day and even when I’m busy I always make sure I do my 8 minute abs work-out with-out fail. When I’m away I will make sure I’m out running every-day which will put me in the right frame of mind before I sit down and write my accounts. It’s a boring job at the best of times so staying over in a hotel makes it much more palatable.

On Tuesday I made my way over to Aylesbury and to the EE shop as I made my first steps towards joining the 21st century. For Christmas Paul very kindly gave me his iphone 5c which might mean something to you readers out there! Up to now I’ve been using something similar to a motor roller although I’m not quite sure what model. What can I say, I like old things and for those of you who know me will know I live in a different century to every-one else. Tuesday was a fresh and new experience visiting a modern EE shop full of gadgets.  Thank-you to Cory who very kindly sorted me out with a sim and showed me how to use the phone although I still have much to learn. I couldn’t believe how small the sim was  as Cory kept unwrapping it from it’s packaging like a Russian doll. Still onward and upwards as I now face 2017 with a modern phone.

That’s about all my news for now as I head off on Friday to my hotel to get on with my accounts. The following weekend I will be back at the Limelight theatre filming the next stage in my showreels but I shall tell you more on that in my next blog

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