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Jellied Eales, House Parties and More on the New Album!

On the Road Again!

This week I have been out and about performing a real mix bag of shows from my first WW1 show to GI Jive, my US WAC show to Pearly Queen. In fact when I turned up to do my Pearly Queen show on Thursday the venue had gone to town with a selection of sea food from jellied eales to oysterss and the audience sang along with every-one of my numbers, especially “The Marrow Song” better known to us all as Oh What a Beauty!. I even included “My Winkles Fallen Out” because yes you’ve guest it they even had those too!
I’m now all set for the weekend which I’ve been rather looking forward to as it’s the first one in ages where I’m not having to dash away somewhere. However saying that I do have a House Party on Sunday which is being hosted by my friend Julius at Norcott Court. Julius and I go back years when we worked on the musical “Annie” together in the summer of 89 and it will be lovely to see him again after all these years. I have a great show planned and I will be including some of my new songs and arrangements which I’ll be taking out to France in 10 days time. Gosh is it really only 10 days away. In fact even though I only have one show this weekend the time wont go idaly by as I have all my show plans to do and lots of loose ends to tie up before I hit the road running again.
Rather thrilling my new album arrived today from the CD duplicator so I’m just waiting on the inlays and post cards which will arrive early next week. What I’ve done is to produce a special D-Day Souvenir album which I’m presenting in a DVD box rather than in the standard CD Jewel case. This album comes complete with two souvenir post cards. One of me in my ATS uniform and the other one in my American A2 flying jacket. I’ve not released either of these photos before or indeed the cover photo so they come to you fresh which might explain why I’ve done so many photos shoots lately. For those of you who follow me on facebook will know I always like to put up lots of photos and although you may have seen some of the others from the shoots which are similar these haven’t been seen before.
Next week is going to be a week of making sure all is well for France. Connie goes in for a service just to make sure she is tip top and I’m back in the hair dresses making sure I look my best too.
Time for Bed Now as I want to get up and go for a good run tomorrow morning!
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