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Sell Out at Longhope and Fiona in France!

Me at Longhope Church in a 1941 Jeep!

There are times when I look back over a weekend and I ask myself how did I ever manage to achieve so much in so little time and last weekend was just such a case. On Saturday I had two bookings one an afternoon show in Milton Keynes and the other an evening performance in the charming village of Longhope in Gloucestershire. I knew it was going to be tight going from one to the other but not impossible and with help from my friend Paul things couldn’t have gone better. I’ve been teaching Paul the art of being a sound engineer and as he drove it gave me time to eat my sandwiches in Connie on the way over. Paul is doing a fabulous job and I certainly couldn’t have managed Saturday without his help. Thank-you Paul you were wonderful! As a diabetic I have to make sure I eat properly and the amount of energy one uses for shows can be great. It’s not just the singing but the setting up and getting to which can really burn calories so I have to make sure I always have my Lucazade with me just in case!

Tina and the Longhope Committee!

In fact Saturdays shows couldn’t have gone better and Longhope had really gone to town. My show was a sell out and the church had been beautifully decorated by the committee. I had been booked by the friends of Longhope Church who run a theatre club. Up to now they have been engaging singers from the West End, so with it being the 70th they decided to do something different and went with a 1940s theme. The whole village came out to support the event and the profits will help to pay for the fabric and maintenance of the Church. When I took the booking I just assumed I would be in a Church Hall so I was thrilled to find out that the show was taking place in the Church it self!

Mike and his Jeep at Longhope Church!

I love singing in Church and the committee had even rigged up a stage and lighting for me which was fabulous. One local chap Mike even arrived in his 1941 Jeep so I hope very much I will have the pleasure of returning to Longhope some time in the future. Last Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect, so thank-you to Tina who found me on line as both Paul and I had a fabulous time!
Tina had booked Paul and I into The Farmers Boy Inn which is just down the road from the church. It won pub of the year in 2012 & 13 and if you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in that area I would recommend it. They have a wonderful restaurant, wine, pie and cheese shop so do check out their web-site
On Sunday Paul and I headed off to the Cotswolds as I had a show to do on the way home. In fact on the 19th July I will be returning to the Cotswolds as I’ve been booked to perform at Redesdale Hall for Moreton in the Mash’s WW1 event. Oh that reminds me speaking of WW1 events I have my first WW1 show to do tomorrow and I really must go over some of my words and new arrangements!

Me at The Farmers Boy Inn

Since returning home things are really starting to take shape for France. My new CD is being pressed and the front cover is at the printers being printed. I received an e-mail today that due to the number of people expected in Arromanches on the 6th they may well take me out of the veterans marquee and make my show public by putting me on the main stage outside the D-Day Museum. Ofcouse nothing is final and things are changing from day to day so do keep watching my blog and I will keep you posted as events develop. It would be great if they did put me on the main stage as I know so many of you were disappointed that you would’t be able to see me in Arromanches as the Veteran’s Marquee is private. So fingers crossed and I shall keep you posted!
That’s about all my news for now. I have another busy week with a mix bag of shows from WW1, Pearly Queen to WAC.
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