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It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

Lily, Kim and I between Shows!

Lily, Kim and I between Shows!

I’m sorry to say I can’t spend too long blogging tonight only because I need to get to bed and I’m back in the gym for 10am tomorrow morning. It’s been a full week of Christmas shows, ten in total and I’ve shows everyday again next week before dashing off to do some more on the South Coast. As you might imagine at this time of year most people want the same sort of show although as the month wears on its important to change the repertoire slightly and go a little more party. I’ve seen a growing trend for more Rock and Roll. In fact my 1950s and 60s show is now one of my best sellers so I guess this show reel can’t come soon enough. I stat filming on the 24th Jan so it’s important to make sure I’m camera ready as I work on toning and shaping up my figuar.

I love this Shot - Lily, Kim and Trigger!

I love this Shot – Lily, Kim and Trigger!

This week I’ve been trying to catch up with friends and play father Christmas a little between performances although I confess I’ve not been looking my best, it’s a hair thing! Thank goodness I’m in the hair dressers on Wednesday while I sit back and let Angela work her magic! I’ve only seven shows to do next week before heading off down to Chichester and then Paul and I will be in Bournemouth for New Years eve. Last Wednesday my net book crashed just before I was due to go on stage. Fortunately I always carry a back up but thanks to a cleaver IT chap in the audience by the name of Keith he was able to get my net book working again and back on track. So let’s hear it for life saver Keith!

I really must dash now and I will try to post again before the end of the week. In the meantime I have left you with a few photos of when I caught up with Kim, Lily and Trigger the dog between shows on Saturday.

Keep Watching and Merry Christmas!