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Going Wren at The Royal Navy Museum

As ever I’m in a bit of a dash between shows, getting ready to head off down to Portsmouth tomorrow to The National Royal Navy Museum. I’ve been booked to compere their Sea Soldiers event which runs from the 21st – 22nd June 10am -5pm. The Sea Soldiers event is a journey through time and is all set to tell the story of the Royal Marines who first went to sea in 1664 to fight the Dutch. This weekend promises to be a great event with historic re-enactors bringing four centuries of history to life with combat displays, and daily re-enactments. So as you cam imagine I’m really looking forward to doing something a little different from singing and compering for a change. I’ve been asked to come as a Wren so I have my uniform all pressed and dress in my suit carrier all ready to go. In the mean time I’m typing this blog in my ATS uniform as I’m just about to dash out the door to do a “We’ll Meet Again” show.

Tomorrow I’ve got to go all “England” with world cup fever as I have a England show to do on my way down to Portsmouth. I guess I shall be going a little bit cockney for that one and wearing Red and white. Sadly I wont be able to do the two days for Sea Soldiers being already engaged for the 22nd. I have to dash back Sunday morning to Princess Risbough for a WW1 event soo busy busy.

Well must go now thank-

Me going Wren!

Me going Wren!

you for following and toodle pip!