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Going Victorian in Potterspury!

Behind the Scenes as I go Victorian!

These last few days have been non-stop and to be honest completely crazy. Yesterday was one of those days where nothing went quite right but saying that everything fell into place today after a frightful amount of running about. Today I have been working with photographers John Winchcombe and Bill Jordan over in Potterspury who were keen to do a Victorian photo shoot with me. Bill likes to use a lot of cut outs in his photography and is an artist who is inspired my modernism. So despite being in Victorian costume I may well end up in a space age or fantasy setting.  John may also change my background too which was why we shot against white today. We also did some location shots and went to Potterspury’s grave yard just when the rain and hail started to fall. However the weather cleared up and we were able to take a few shots down by the brook. I say a few shots in fact today’s shoot was from 11am to 5pm and John and Bill took over 1400 pictures between them which might explain why I’m so tired now!
As with all these things there is so much preparation and thought goes into getting the shot and today’s shoot was a combination of many peoples hard work. I experimented with lots of different Victorian hair styles and in the end I took Denise’s hair style from the TV seres The Paradise as my inspiration – with thanks to my hair dresser Angela. I was in the hair dresses yesterday afternoon and afterwards I had to dash over to John Lewis in Milton Keynes for fringing. One of the problems my dress fitting showed was a weighting issue with the bustle. I couldn’t get black fringing but I was able to get jet beading which my dress maker Judi quickly sewed on this morning. In fact we were both sewing first thing this morning as I needed a bigger bustle and used my mothers neck cushion! That reminds me I will have to un pick it as she will be wanting it back!
I’m really please I got the jet fringing or be it in the 11 hour as it made all the difference to my out fit and Bill has very kindly sent me a few photos from today’s shoot which are already up on my face book page. These are raw but I know we will have a lot of fun with them so if you get the chance do take a look.
Once again I have a busy weekend ahead with me booked to do lots of mother day shows over the next few days and my friend Paul has invited me to Hednas Vintage Night Club Saturday Night. So something to look forward to – which reminds me I must choose a dress!
Time for bed I think as there’s much I must do tomorrow  morning.
Thanks for following and Toodle Pip!