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All Go As I Go Victorian and Glamours!

It’s just a very quick blog tonight as I have a full week of all sorts. Tomorrow I’m in the hair dresses for most of the day being made glamorous for the week a head. I have a Victorian photo shoot planed for Thursday so we may well be going a bit Jane Ayre with the hair. To be honest getting the hair right with my bonnet is a bit of a task. I want to look attractive only it’s making me look a fright and I must get the look right before Thursday. In someways I wish I could do curls at the front but it would involve cutting a fringe which I don’t want to do.
I have a dress fitting tomorrow evening and I’m looking forward to trying on my bustle. I should really wear a full corset with it as it supports the back but when I’m on stage I need to be able to work my diaphragm being a singer and all so I’m wearing a light boned corselet instead. This photo shoot will give me a real insight into the weight and what it will be like to wear on stage so maybe it’s just as well I have a strong back!
Like most weeks I’ve been keen to get all my paper-work done and out of the way as I have a very full April and next week I’m booked in to do another 1940s photo shoot. So I’ve lots of little ends to tie up. I shall be busy the weekend of the 5th 6th when I play Bushey and the 40s Family Experience Weekend. But in the meantime I’ve been invited out this Saturday so it will be lovely to put ones party dress on and to have a break from work.
Gosh it’s getting late and I must pratice my hair before bed.
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!