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The Best of British to Hednas and The 40s Family Experience Weekend!

Me in My US WAVES Uniform

What with one thing and another it’s been a very busy week and here I am once again burning the mid night oil trying to keep you all up to date with my latest news. Firstly many thanks to every-one for your kind comments with regards to my latest article on WW2 Woman’s Uniforms in the Best of British magazine. You can find me on page 40 and as the cover girl for The 40s Post inside. I’m afraid they have labelled me up as wearing an American WAAC Uniform when it should be WAC. I know all you anoraks out there will know the WAAC was superseded and renamed WAC in 1942. I’m also wearing the yellow American defence and European theatre of Operations medal which fits for D-Day and Normandy. If you haven’t yet seen my article then do pop down to WH Smiths and pick up the latest BOB. It also lists all the 1940s events for the year and has a very interesting article on Winston Churchill and his wife Clemmie! So well worth investing in a copy!
For those of you who follow my blog will know I was out doing a Victorian photo shoot last Thursday and this Wednesday I’m doing a 1940s one. It’s just as well as this weekend you will be able to see me at The 40s Family Experience Weekend at The Lincolnsfield Children’s Centre. I shall be performing 3 shows daily Saturday 11.30am  ATS “We’ll Meet Again”, 1.30pm “Hooray for Hollywood”, 3.30pm “GI Jive” US WAC Show Lindy Hop Style, Sunday 11.30am WAAF “Those Magnificent Men”, 1.30pm US WAVES “Anchors Aweigh” 3.30pm Lindy Hop Show “Sing Sing Sing”. I’m also singing  for the Saturday night dance too so I hope you can all make it along.
Talking about Saturday nights last Saturday I was at Hednas Vintage Night Club with my friend Paul and it’s one of those places where you can get really dressed up – which we did! Do check out the photos on my facebook page every-one looks ever-so glam! So here’s to the next one! 
Gosh I’ve just noticed the time – it’s gone 2am – I must get to bed!
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