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From Royal Ascot to Coventry!

Rule Britaina!

Rule Britannia!

This week has been something of a mixed bag of shows although it’s still full steam ahead with “Happy and Glorious”. What with the Queens 90th and all I quite forgot about Royal Ascot this week. It’s now becoming quite fashionable for Summer Garden parties to take on a Royal Ascot theme. This is where every-one cames dressed up in their best outfits sporting beautiful hats and the host serves Pims, finely cut sandwiches along with strawberries and cream. I did an Ascot Garden Party for the first time last year and I was invited to do another one this year too. For any-one who has ever read my show page, I have a show for just about everything and last year I put together a show for this very occasion – (which reminds me I must add it to my listings).

At first when I was first asked to do one I couldn’t think what to include and then I remembered the musical “My Fair Lady” and the ideas started to flow. The only Jockey song I have in my repertoire is “Yankee Doodle Dandy” – who came to London just to ride the Ponies, if you remember the lyrics. But as racing is the sport of Kings it’s easy to bring in “Putting on the Ritz”and “We’re in the Money” not to mention some of my old favourites from my Best of British repertoire.

Today I have been out and about performing “The Great American Song Book” and tomorrow I have two “Happy and Glorious” shows back to back. On Saturday I shall be performing at The Greyhound Inn at Sutton Stop in Coventy for a special Last Night of the Proms, Queens 90th Birthday celebration. It should be a wonderful concert as I belive there will be a brass band and we will be performing in a large marquee. Tonight I have been preparing my show plans which reminds me I must sort out and evening gown to wear.

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