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Fiona’s D-Day Show Itinerary & Back from Sandringham!

On Stage with The Office!

On Stage with The Office!

As you can see I’m burning the midnight oil once more as I get myself ready to hit the road  and head off down to Portsmouth and over to Normandy first thing tomorrow morning! I don’t sail until the 1st June but as with all these things a great deal of preparation is involved and I have 14 shows to do in 5 days. It sounds a lot but it’s quite easy for me really as this is what I trained to do.

I have such a large repertoire of music from this period and I’ve been booked to perform 9 x 20 minute shows in Ste Marie du Mont on the 4th which involves singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. I find these sorts of shows quite relaxing

Me as Vera & Paul as GI Joe!

Me as Vera Lynn & Paul as GI Joe!

as it enables me to chat with people between performances. I was given the option to perform an evening show in Ste Marie du Mont but I choose the day so it would give me time to catch up with old friends between sets. Also when it’s an all day thing I’m able to sing a few of the other songs which don’t quite make it into my preferred show plans. When you only have an hour or 2 x 45 min sets to do you have to hit the audience straight away with what I call the “plums”.

I’ve been busy these last few days finalizing my show plans as I didn’t want to be doing the same show at every venue so I’ve worked in

Out and About at The Caravan Club Rally!

Out and About at The Caravan Club Rally!

quite a few variations but kept in a lot of the plums!

So if you are over in Normandy this June for D-Day here is my itinerary and I hope you will be able to make it along to see one of my shows. Paul will be singing too, looking very dashing in his uniform so we look forward to seeing you all as every-one is welcome!

Sat 3rd June = Airborne Museum, Ste-Mere-Eglise, Utah, 17.00h – 18.00h US WAC Show “GI Jive”
Sun 4th June = US Camp Outside the Church, Ste-Marie-du-Mont, Utah, 12.00h – 18.00h  Singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day US WAVES Shows x 9
Mon 5th June = Mayors D-Day Dinner, Benouville, Pegasus Bridge, Sword (Private Event)
Tues 6th June, Outside 6th June Museum, Arromanches, Gold 13.00h – 14.00h ATS “We’ll Meet Again”
21.30h – 23.00h (Times to be confirmed but these are the most likely with the firework display taking place straight after my show) 1940s Glamour “In the Mood”
Wed 7th June = Fountain Square or the Salle des Fetes if we, Port en Bessin, Gold, 18.30h – 19.30h “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” Popular British, American and French songs from the 1940s.

Lets Go Caravaning!

Lets Go Caravanning at Sandringham!

Last weekend Paul and I were over in Sandringham performing for the Caravan Club’s Rally. On Sunday the club were staging a vintage day and I was engaged to take on the role of Vera Lynn and perform popular songs from the 1940s. The job came in from an agent and part of the engagement was to wonder around in costume which Paul and I did quite happily as we enjoyed the Caravan clubs display of vintage caravans. While we were there we met up with The Office look a likes Brett Sirrell and Tim Oliver who came as Ricky Gervais/ David Brent and his side kick, We also met up with Charlie Chaplin and dancing girls from the Swinging 60s.

Paul Looking Cool!

Paul Looking Cool!

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