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Christmas Driveway Concerts & Battling the Cold!

Dressed for the 1st Christmas Driveway Concert of the Season!

It’s just a quick blog today as I continue with my Christmas Driveway Concerts. This isn’t work for the faint hearted as it requires stamina and a lot of determination. The devil is in the detail and I’ve upgraded my leads to a heavier duty rubber which can cope with the cold and working out doors. I’ve also had to invest in crystals which I’ve placed in my cases. The idea being the crystals will absorb any moisture protecting my equipment  when I put it away after working in freezing temperatures.

My Driveway Concerts have been a life line although I didn’t expect I would have to be working outside this late in the season. Although I’m up and running with zoom shows clients don’t seem to have the technology in place to move forward with it confidently. Fortunately I’ve still been able to fill most of my dates, but I am mindful that my shows can only go ahead if the weather remains dry. I’ve managed to perform 71 Driveway Concerts to date and last Saturday I had two back to back one in Leighton Buzzard and another in Toddington to tie in with the turning on of the Christmas lights.

On Stage in Brooklands Avenue!

It’s great to see communities coming together and enjoying the Christmas music especially after such a difficult year. Yesterday I was in St Albans and today I performed a 7pm concert in Russell Way for a wonderful audience who all came out and entered into the festive spirit.

This is hard work especially when temperatures drop and it’s essential I wrap up warmly  when I’m performing although the hardest part is packing up in the dark. I’ve been wearing heat packs in my boots and gloves but even so fingers and toes can get numb all too quickly and it makes it difficult to handle speakers and wires.

Stronger Leads and Heat Patches!

Fortunately I have an out-fit for everything and all sorts of period items I’ve collected over years.This Christmas I’ve been wearing my pirate, cavalier boots which are just that little bit warmer due to the fact they pull up over the knee. You wouldn’t think that little piece of leather would make such a difference but it does!

Tomorrow I’m performing a virtual zoom show live from St Barnabas Church in Leighton Buzzard from 6.30pm with fellow singer Richard Stark. We have a fantastic concert planed which will include Christmas carols and all the seasonal favourites. I will be streaming it live on facebook so I hope you can all click on to watch.

That’s all my news for the moment as I need to get to bed and catch up on my beauty sleep.

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