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A Driveway Christmas & Singing at St Barnabas Church!

Lochy Drive, Leighton Buzzard!

Once again it’s been a busy week, and very much business as usual as I continue with my Driveway Concerts. I never thought I would be performing out-side this late in the year but earlier this week there was a News item on the BBC showing entertainers from the West end stage knocking on peoples doors and performing driveway concerts. It did make me chuckle as they seem to think this was a new novel idea, little knowing that I’ve been performing Driveway shows since Easter.

You could say I’m something of a trailblazer but unlike the West end stars I don’t limit my performance to one particular musical theatre role. I also dress appropriately for the weather, layering up, and I always wear a hat! It was unfortunate that when they filmed the news item it was pouring with rain and their costumes looked unsuitable for out-door work.  Regrettably London streets don’t really

On Stage in Longwick!

have the garden and driveway space necessary for these style of concerts to work, but it will be interesting to see how they get on. It’s not work for the faint hearted and you need to have stamma and be properly kitted out before trying!

Last Thursday fellow singer Richard Stark and I performed a Christmas Concert at St Barnabas Church in Leighton Buzzard which we streamed live. I expect those of you who follow me on facebook have already seen my live stream, however for those of you who don’t have facebook Richard has produced a You-tube video from his phone which you can watch by clicking the links below.

Part One –

Part Two –

Merry Christmas Everyone!


On Monday I bought a new cover for my phone and I had the screen repaired as my phone fell off the tripod when I was filming the other day. I felt it  necessary to upgraded my cover to something stronger. I’m now out in all weathers and I need to feel confident my equipment is properly protected.

Fortunately we have been lucky with the weather this week and I’ve had the pleasure of performing in Aylesbury, Aston Clinton, Leighton Buzzard, Longwick and tomorrow I’m off to Roston

Christmas Concert in Hyde St, Aston Clinton!

and Harlington. On Friday and Saturday I shall be singing in Olney so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the good weather continues and we don’t get any rain. Today I was lucky enough to perform indoors but it isn’t always the case.

I shall leave you with a link to an article my local paper has just published about my Christmas Driveway Concerts and a few photos from this weeks shows.

Leighton Buzzard singer spreads festive cheer with Christmas driveway concerts | Leighton Buzzard Observer (

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