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Back from West Raynham & All Set for Wings Over Carew!

John and I at The Top of the Control Tower!

Enjoying the Museum!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of heading over to West Raynham in Norfolk to see my friend John Drury performing at The Control Tower Cockpit Open Day. The control tower is now a private residence which the owners open up a couple of times of the year to help raise money for the renovations. It has it’s own private museum and a tea room. It’s the owners intention to open The Control Tower as a B&B once all the renovations have taken place and on Saturday I found it fascinating to be taken on the tour where I learned more about the history of the Control Tower and the old RAF site.

Sadly the weather last Saturday wasn’t very good at all. It rained for the best part of the day but hats off to John who kept singing through out as he performed three fabulous sets covering songs from the 1940s through to the 1990s.  Keep up the good work John it was wonderful to hear you sing and thank-you so much for inviting me to join in on a couple of your songs. I know Chrissy would have been very proud!

I too will be performing at a Control Tower event in the next week or so. Next Friday I will be heading over to Pembrokeshire in South Wales to

On Stage with John Drury!

sing at the “Wings Over Carew”  show on 5th August. I’m looking forward to the event very much. The last time I performed at Carew was in 2018 so it’s great to be returning. I’ve also been engaged to sing at the Snooty Fox at Martletwy, Narberth in the evening for the events Saturday Night dance.

Initially when I was engaged to perform it was at 11am, 1pm and 3pm but please check out my new show times which are 11am WAAF, 1.15pm 40s Glamour, 2.45pm US WAC. As with all my shows each one is different and I’ve put together a fantastic program of songs for the weekend. There will also be a parachute display performed by the  RAF Falcons, military vehicles and the City of Swansea pipe band will be playing too,  so plenty to see and do for the whole family to enjoy. For more details please click the links below :-…/wings…/

For more information about the Saturday Night dance click the link

The organisers have also produced a fantastic trailer video which gives you an idea of what to expect so please enjoy watching and we look forward to seeing you!

A Song for Summer – Whatever the weather!

When I return I will be continuing with a mixed bag of shows which will include Music Hall, songs through the decades and a “Song for Summer”.  I shall also be at Bletchley Park performing for their concert series on the 12th August this time in WAAf uniform as I mix popular tunes from the 1930s, 40s and 50s with Opera, Post Modern and the Best of British. But more on that in my next blog. I shall leave you with a few photos from West Raynham and my Song for Summer show.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

Wings Over Carew – We Look Forward to Seeing You!