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Bletchley Park, Up and Running, Costumes for Eliza & Forward into 2019!

Shopping for Running Shoes!

Hello every-one! I’m sorry I’m a bit late with my blog this week but in fairness I’ve been working incredibly hard planning the year, selling shows, catching up with contracts in-between learning my lines. If you caught my last blog you will know I was away working on my accounts last weekend which I now do every year. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas I like to check into a hotel for a weekend and concentrate on my accounts. I never like to go too far away as in past years I often find if I forget something it’s easy to go home and fetch what ever that item might be. It’s usually something silly like an old cheque book but fortunately this year I remembered everything. Phew!

I usually choose a Premier Inn as they have long dressing tables with a desk lamps which enables me to lay out my account books. Their rooms are spacious and quiet and always make for good working spaces. I enjoy going out running in the

Finding the Perfect Pair!

mornings and Milton Keynes has some great lakes. This year I chose Furzton Lake which is a great run and Milton Keynes is only a 20 minute drive away so Furzton made for the perfect choice. It’s good for me to get away and to be in my “scruffs” although I noticed while I was away my running shoes were in need of changing so I made it along to “Up and Running”.

I confess I hadn’t planned on going shopping and in truth I was dressed in my casuals more for shooting than running when I called into the shop. The fitting of running shoes is a little like the fitting

Bletchley Park Home to the Code Breakers!

of ballet shoes as they have to check your gate. It’s necessary to be filmed running on a tread mill so the shop can find the right pair of trainers for you. Running shoes are so bright these days but after a good try on of many styles I was able to come away with the perfect pair.

This year I didn’t have quite so much catching up to do although the time away is important to me as it gives me time to relax and to plan ahead. On the way home I had some business in Bletchley which involved the buying of fabrics as I work towards putting my costumes together for My Fair Lady. There’s a lot to think about now I’ve

Me with the Bombe Computer in Hut 11a!

condensed the show down to a 60 minute one woman show. The costumes have to work together as I play all the different roles swapping hats and coats. However on Monday I was able to pick up some fantastic textiles which will pull the costumes together.

My Fair Lady is set in 1913 which is a funny time for fashion as it’s where the old world meets the new and this is reflected in style. It’s important to note that when Eliza becomes a lady all her clothes will have been chosen for her my Pickering and Higgins so my designs need to reflect this. I already have most of the

Having Lunch in Hut 4!

costumes although when Eliza leaves Higgins after the ball and sings “Show me” to Freddie Eynsford-Hill I wanted a bollero jacket to go with my skirt.

Ladies jackets and coats were starting to get longer at this time with slightly higher waist lines. However I found the perfect combination by looking at designs of army officer mess jackets which have inspired me to design the perfect thing. I thought this would be the sort of design Pickering and Higgins would choose for Eliza. My basic costume will revolve around a long navy blue skirt which wont look too out of place with black

The Enigma Machine!

and all the colour combinations I will be using for the other characters. Eliza’s colour palette will consist of navy blue with a muted purples, Higgins will be in brown and beige. I’ve even been out and about wearing his hat this weekend getting use to it where the other characters will fall into place with Top hats and props.

Once I had bought my fabrics I decided to call into Bletchley Park for lunch. Since purchasing my ticket back in September I was keen to see more of the museum as I missed so much last time. I now have fee entry for a whole year and it really is best to go on quiet days when you can properly take in the information on display. I discovered a room about pigeons during the war which once again I really must go back and see in greater detail. Even now I still haven’t made it to the National Radio Center and I totally missed hut 12 so

Inside Bletchley Park Mansion!

who knows what’s going on in there. Some exhibition I expect!

Hut 4 is a great place for lunch and I would thoroughly recommend their carrot soup which is delicious. The Bombe Breakthough in Hut 11a is interesting although if you want to see the real thing it’s best to go out of Bletchley Park museum and up to the top of the car park where you will find The National Museum of Computing which is different to Bletchley Park. It’s easy to think they are one and the same museum but they are not. The National Museum of Computing have actual

Me with Winston Churchill!

computers from history and at times it’s a little like being on the set of 1970s Wonder Woman. I had a quick peak through the door in the summer and that really is the place to visit if you are into computers.

Well that’s all my news for now as I must get back to work and send out the rest of my contracts. I’ve sent out a staggering 80 contracts in the last 14 days and I still have more to do along with answering my e-mails. In the meantime I will leave you with a few of my photos from Bletchley Park.

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