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Back from Totnes, Dartmouth & Remembering Operation Tiger at Slapton Sands!

On Holiday in Totnes!

Paul and Poppy Relaxing!

I’ve never known a month to go as quickly as last June and if you have been following my blogs you will know why.  One moment we were in May filming “My Fair Lady” and then Paul and I were straight over to France performing for the 75th D-Day Commemorations. (I hope you have been able to catch up with all three of my blog installments as I chronicled our tour.)

Paul and I arrived back on the 11th and then I had two weeks of catching up to do plus shows to perform before Paul and I went away again on the 22nd. Now we are into July, it’s full steam ahead with the Summer season of fates and garden parties not forgetting American independence day on the 4th with shows back to back for the rest of this week. Busy busy!

Shopping at Totnes Market!

Exercising with Poppy!

I get very little free time so for Paul and I to take a holiday from the 22nd through to the 30th June was a conscious decision especially as no sooner did we book it I had to turn customers away. We both needed a break. D-Day was intense and to have a holiday with no particular plan was heavenly and I’m so pleased we took the decision to go.

We also wanted to give Poppy a break too so we decided to take Paul’s motor-home down to Devon and stay on the camp site in the center of Totnes. Totnes is a very Doggy friendly town and most shops and restaurants welcome them. It was wonderful to have some time to relax  pottering about town with no particular plan and not having to worry about dashing off to a show. Of-course I never truly stop working completely as I check my e-mails daily and continue to do my morning exercises. Often  with Poppy looking on and in some cases joining in!

It’s takes about a four and a half hours to drive down from Leighton Buzzard to Totnes and getting away is often difficult. There always seems to be another last minute job to do so I can’t tell you how relied I was when I finally got there. Paul and Poppy met me at the site as we found ourselves a lovely pitch by the trees. We spent most of our days pottering about Totnes and I’m pleased I was able to break away and catch the Jazz Age Exhibition at the Fashion and textiles Museum in town. They’ve just published their first book which chronicles fashion and Textiles from the 17th to the 20th century which

The Jazz Age Fashion Exhibition!

is extremely interesting.

Totnes has lots of individual, independent shops selling all sorts of treasures from Antique silver to Indian textiles. One shop even sells T-Shirts stating that Totnes is twined with  Narnia! For any-one who have ever been that wont come as any surprise as the town is brimming with the weird and wonderful. It was only last Thursday I saw a pirate walking down the high street in a tricorn hat, kilt and Docco boots!

Last year Paul and I took Poppy on the Round Robin which involved catching the boat from Totnes queue down to Dartmouth. Catching a steam train and then a bus ride back to Totnes. On this occasion we just drove into Dartmouth for lunch on two of our days. Dartmouth is famous for it’s beautiful timber beam buildings and olde world architecture.

Dartmouth Architecture!

We also visited Slapton Sands which was where over 1000 American service men lost their lives in a tragic D-Day training exercise in 1944. Named operation Tiger the fiasco was covered up by officials and it would have been forgotten about if it hadn’t been for one man Ken Small, who’s curiosity and determination ensured their sacrifice would not go unrecognized.

Now I’m back home I’ve been busy catching up. Today I was in London working with film maker Judson on the “My Fair Lady” showreel and it’s

At Slapton Sands Memorial!

exciting to see it coming together. These things can take an age choosing which are the very best shots to use and having to be ruthless with others. We shall also be experimenting with colours as I want to give my film the Technicolor look.

It’s late and I need to get to bed so that’s all my news for now. Keep following and I shall leave you with a few photos from my holiday.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Shopping in Totnes