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A Voice in a Million

Back from the Studio – Lights Camera Action!

Fiona Harrison on CameraAs you can see by the hour it’s rather late so I’m sorry to say I can’t stay too long tonight blogging. I think I have everything on track for Sunday’s film shoot and I’m sitting here at my desk in my old track suit waiting for my tan to set. I had a spray tan today which always helps when I go before the camera as I’m so naturally white. It also gives me a consistent colour which looks very natural especially when the lights are on me. Tomorrow I’m in the hair dresses at 11am having a beehive hair do and I have a last-minute dress fitting at 6pm with Judi tomorrow too so it’s all go. I’ve put a lot of thought into my clothes and the colour pallets for this shoot which I know will look wonderfully bright and exciting on camera. On Sunday I’m starting with the 60s and Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday was part of my inspiration hence the need for the tan.

This week I’ve been in the recording studio laying down my 1950s, 60s songs ready for the film shoot.

Fiona harrison in the Recording Studio

Me Between Songs at Raw Music!

It’s interesting breaking the songs down and going back over the dots. I know these numbers so well as I’ve been performing them for years although sometimes when I go back over the sheet music I discover a few discrepancies. When you go out performing day after day as I do a few of the corners do get knocked off over time. So it’s been good to get everything up to scratch again.

Last Tuesday I went to the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury to see Tommy Steele in The Glenn Miller Story. The theatre was packed with Tommy’s fans and it’s great to see at 79 Tommy can still pull it off. Perhaps a wig might have made Tommy look a little more like Glenn Miller as he was only 40 when he died and I don’t ever remember seeing a photo of Glenn Miller spotting white hair. Not that that put off Tommy’s fans as they all stood up at the end of the show and gave him a standing ovation.

Well I must dash as I’ve just remembered I’ve two jobs I must do before bed.

Keep Watching and Toodle pip!