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Back from Streetstar Studios!

Back Stage at Streetstar Studios!

It seems these days I live my life in the fast lane dashing from show to show and always looking forward as I perfect the past through my many musical shows. Last week the moment had arrived as I made my way up to Streetstar Studios in Manchester with my friend Angela to start work, and shoot my new showreel. It had been a year in the planning and it’s wonderful to see a plan when it comes together.

I’m a Libran and I have terrible trouble making up my mind. I cover such a broad range of musical styles it’s difficult to hone everything into just five

All Set to Film My First Number!

numbers, so in the end I decided to shoot seven songs for the show-reel plus an extra Judy Garland stand alone power ballad “By Myself”. It’s important to show musical diversity which isn’t difficult but getting all the different looks right is where the time goes and it requires a lot of work and a huge amount of patience behind the scenes.

Streetstar are experts in the field and they have a whole team of people who are able to help make your vision a reality.

I was thrilled to meet Dom whose business it is,

Angela and I Between Takes!

camera men Bailey and Danny and photographers Jamie and Mark who made both Angela and I very welcome. They offer an amazing studio package which includes recording, still photography and live filming all under one roof, which couldn’t be more convenient especially as the studio is situated on the first floor of The Birch Hotel in Heywood. Perfect for us as we had driven up from Bedfordshire and also gave us a convenient place to stay.

People fly in from all over the world to film at Streetstar Studios and it’s hardly surprising because they have everything you could possibly need.

I knew it was going to be intense and I had set three days aside which also included our travelling. Fortunately I had my friend Angela with me who helped me enormously zipping me up into my dresses and getting me in and out of my costumes which in some

On Set for the 1970s!

cases can be really tricky. Angela is a phenomenal hairdresser and she was able to create all the different looks I needed to represent the musical decades.

It’s hard to believe, but I had fourteen costume changes in two days and I’m very pleased I brought a couple of spare out-fits too. This turned out to be just the thing when Mark surprised me and allowed me to record my opening sequence in his beautiful vintage car.

A couple of my out-fits were made especially for

Jamie’s Rock and Roll Shot!

the shoot and it’s interesting to see myself on camera now. It’s important to choose costumes which are right for my age and sometime you can stumble upon a look which will inspire the next stage in my career moving forward.

I was passing a charity shop just before Christmas and I bought a mans gold sequin rock and roll jacket I saw in the window. It was a spontaneous purchase and fortunately my dressmaker Judi was able to cut it down and tailor make it to fit me. I took it along to Streetstar as a spare out-fit

By Myself – Judy Garland Number!

and boy didn’t it look good in Jamie’s photos – Rock and Roll here I come!

I also love my new Judy Garland dress which Judi was able to make for me based on an early 1960s pattern and who made my black and gold 1950s “Fever” dress

A huge thank-you to Dom and every-one at Streetstar Studios. I can’t wait to see my show-reel once it’s been edited. It takes about four weeks so something to really look forward to.

On Set with the 1940s!

Tomorrow I’m going away for a few days but I’m back next week as I get into the swing for Chinese new-year and Valentines. I shall leave you with a few of my favorite photos. If you would like to find out more about Streetstar Studios here is a link to their web-site.

If you work in show business they are well worth a visit!

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

All Set to Record My Opening Sequence!