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Chinese New Year & Singing for Valentines Week!

My Funny Valentine!

The start of the year can often be the hardest, for no other reason than it requires a considerable amount of behind the scenes work, selling shows to potential clients. Things don’t really start moving properly until Valentines week and it’s important to have the bulk of the year sold and mapped out by this point. It can be mundane, but essential and I always look forward to being back out on the road again once the calendar comes round to Valentines.

This year has been a little different because I’ve been out today performing for Chinese New Year. Apparently 2024 is the year of the dragon and never was it more important to have “Puff the Magic Dragon” in my repertoire as it was today. Sadly I have yet to acquire that backing track so I just had to make do with songs that referred to the lunar new year instead, of which there are many. I have no shortage of songs that mention the moon

On Stage performing Fever!

which became the main focus for today’s show although another song I would really like to have in my repertoire is “Chinatown my Chinatown”. I remember hearing this number years ago as the opening song in the pantomime Aladdin and I thought to myself  I’d like to sing that one day. It’s a great number and it’s hard to believe it was written way back in 1910.

Next year is the year of the snake. I’m not particularly fond of reptiles and neither are songwriters and lyricists but I expect something will suggest itself should I be called upon to do another Chinese New Year show in 2025.

I’m now full steam ahead with Valentines week and I have a lovely selection of romantic songs I’m looking forward to singing. I’m booked through to the 19th although times are hard. The bottom has fallen out of the 1940s and reenactment market with entertainment at an all time low. Every-one is trying to save

Going out with Paul for Lunch!

money and more events are turning to aspiring local amateurs rather than touring professionals. It’s no wonder foot falls are dropping and perhaps the whole 1940s scene has had it’s time. It’s tragic to see as this is a scene I care about greatly. I hope things will get better but perhaps not.

It’s important to adapt and to find new markets and the private sector who are booking for weddings, anniversaries funerals etc seems to be much more lucrative. I’m not sure where the future lies but with this being the 80th Anniversary of D-Day I’m super excited to be returning with Paul to Arromanches to sing for their D-day Commemorations. More news on that later but in the mean time I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos.

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