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Happy New Year, Milestones & Off Up to Manchester!

All Set to Head off on my Travels!

I hope it’s not too late for me to begin my blog tonight by wishing you all a Very Happy New Year. I’d also like to say a very big thank-you to everyone who booked me in 2023 and here’s to a terrific and prosperous 2024!

I’m sorry I’m weeks behind with my first blog of the year – which isn’t like me at all! But after performing 49 shows in 33 days and completing 295 shows during 2023 it’s taken me a little longer than normal to get ship shape. I came back from working on the South coast on the 4th January and not without drama, when I discovered the diesel I filled my van up with  was contaminated. It involved me having to get my tank pumped out, a flat tyre, plus a mountain of emails and paper-work I’m still ploughing my way through now!

You could say I’ve hit January running and it’s already been an amazingly engaging one. I’ve performed 10 shows this month

On Stage at Milestones Museum!

so far which is unusual because January is when I’m often in the office planning the year. Next week I’m up in Manchester making my new show-reel and needless to say I’ve a lot to organise. It’s been a year in the planning and it’s great to see everything coming together. In recent years I have invested in a lot of flicker book videos incorporating still photographs. However I felt it was time for a fresh showreel which would showcase my versatility and some of my new Postmodern repertoire, not to mention a few vintage favourites.

Dressed for the Festive Season!

I’ve already we-transferred my backing tracks on ahead plus I’ve had a couple of new dresses made for the occasion. Each gown has been meticulously designed to go with the songs and I’m super excited to have the opportunity of working with a new team of people. I don’t want to give too much away just yet so keep watching this space and once my films are made I will share them with you on this page.

I confess I haven’t been on facebook quite as much as normal as Christmas was an extremely busy season. I performed a number of shows in

The Room is Set for Danny House!

Oxford, Northamptonshire, London and then I was down to Hampshire and along to West Sussex with a special New Years Day Concert at Danny House, one of my favourite venues.

I thoroughly enjoyed singing for Milestones Museum where I was engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute seasonal shows daily which took me through to the end of the year. My new Mary Poppins Medley came through just in time and fitted well within my “Fairytale Christmas Spectacular” brief. It has all the right ingredients for “Twixmas” due to it’s Disney content and has

Relaxing with Poppy on Christmas Day!

been proven to be a real hit with family audiences.

Today I have been busy packing for Manchester and rehearsing my music. My friend Angela will be coming with me as I need a dresser and more importantly a hairdresser who can help me recreate the different historical periods. Some of my dresses are really difficult to get in and out of with awkward fastenings so an extra pair of hands will be a really helpful.

That’s all my news for now as I need to get back to my paperwork. I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photographs from Milestones thanks to photographer Sean La Plain and a few more I took over Christmas and New Year. I look forward to catching up with you all again soon.

Keep Following – Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Paul, Poppy and I at Milestones!