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Back From Eastbourne and Singing Through to New Year!

On the Road to Eastbourne!

I’m afraid I can’t spend too long on my blog tonight as this is the week when I move away from performing just one show a day to two shows daily. It’s important I pace myself and make sure I get plenty of sleep in between times.

My show in Eastbourne went very well at the weekend. I had a show earlier that day on Saturday in Middlesex and fortunately everything went to plan. I arrived at the Lansdowne Hotel at 5.30pm. Paul met me there and he had already brought in my bigger speakers which I had given to him a few weeks before. It’s all about team

Paul in Eastbourne!

work and I had been asked to perform a Christmas cabaret for The St George Society.

As with all my shows I away like to have plenty of musical variations which gives me the scope to read the audience and go with the flow. Paul also sang and his songs went down very well with the audience who seemed to be big Sinatra fans. I started my set with a selection of traditional Christmas songs but as the mood quickly changed towards more of a party atmosphere I moved the show up a gear with Abba and Rock and Roll before finishing with White Christmas.

Christmas at The Lansdowne Hotel!

After the show we were able to pack up and enjoy the rest of the evening with DJ Ian as we were booked to stay over night in the hotel. Much as Paul and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Eastbourne on Sunday I had to get away as I was due on stage at 2.30pm for a Christmas party in Dunstable.

Today I’ve been performing in Cambridgeshire and next Saturday I shall be in Oxfordshire singing in the town of Abingdon. I must leave my blog here tonight as I need to get to bed and catch up on some rest.

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