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A Voice in a Million

All Set for a New Year and Clearing out the Clutter!

Work Never Stops Even at the Hair Dresses!

I’m sorry I’m a little bit later than normal with my blog this week. In theory I should be having a bit of a rest this January but in reality the new season has brought about a change in my work as I set about selling the year.  To begin with I was enjoying the change of scene working in the office although I confess I’m a gypsy at heart and it doesn’t take long for me to yearn being back on the road again.

However I do need this time to allow my body to recover it’s self after all the rushing about, detox and spend some time in the hair dresses and beauty parlor getting ship shape again.

January is always a time to take stock and to re think the year. Mapping out tours and being on trend with clients musical requests and vintage anniversaries. This year it’s all about the Kings Coronation although it’s not going to match last years enthusiasm for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Still I have a number of musical pieces in production and I thought it was

The Men from Move It Removals!

high time I had my British themes medley re-done.

It’s true what they say music just gets better and better and the quality of sound samples available these days are incredible providing of course you have a musical arranger like mine. I’m looking forward to seeing Richard early February to discuss some new arrangements. I have lots of ideas I’m keen to put into production and I can’t wait to get back on the road performing again. I purposely gave myself a two week break from singing this month but I’m singing again from the

Clearing out the Garage!

19th January and I still have a lot of paperwork to tie up between now and then.

The beginning of the year didn’t start well as I came home from tour only to find a leak pouring through my built in wardrobe. Fortunately the plumber came the next day to fix the problem and we now have a new sink and tap in the kitchen which is a huge relief. Discovering the leak also uncovered another problem of just how much rubbish we had accumulated in the loft and garage. So as a family we bit the bullet and employed Move It removals  to clear both spaces. There were a lot of vintage treasures we just had to let go but there comes a time when you just have to say goodbye. It’s a good massive job done with no regrets.

I’m leaving my blog here tonight because I want to have a relatively early night. It’s my plan to get out this weekend and do some of the things I never have time to do. Quite what that will be yet I don’t know but I’m sure something will suggest it’s self.

Thank-you for Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉