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Working Out in the Office & Forthcoming Events for February !

Back in the Office!

I’m afraid it’s just a quick blog tonight as I continue to work hard in the office selling dates for the year. I confess I find it all a little tedious sitting down for long periods of the day typing up contracts when I’d much rather be out performing. It’s important I keep on top of every-thing and following up bookings with the right paper-work is essential. I like to go out running for an hour everyday but sometimes when I’m working in the office my bottom feels like it’s melting into my office chair like one of Salvador Dali’s clocks. I hate that feeling and I’m so looking forward to getting back out on the road again.

This week I’ve had a couple of shows and it’s been a good opportunity for me to try out some of my new songs. I’m always learning new material and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to singing the Dusty Springfield number “I Only Want to be With You” but at long last I’ve added it to my 60s

A Valentine Serenade –  Thurs 16th February 23

repertoire. This song always reminds me of my Blackpool red coating days. Back in the early 90s when I first started out nearly all the comics would open their acts with this song and close with the Sinatra number “My Way”. Now when I sing “I Only Want to Be With You” it takes me back to that memory and all the things I did when i was a red coat – happy days!

I have a couple of events coming up. If you follow me on Facebook you will know “Tempting Delights” has been rescheduled to Sunday 26th February and for Valentines week  I’m performing a “Valentine Serenade” on Thursday 16th February 23 at The Poplars Garden Center, Harlington Road, Toddington, Beds LU5 6HE. I shall be performing romantic songs of yesteryear

Tempting Delights – Sun 26th February 23!

for a vintage cream tea which is priced at £14.99 per head. To book email therestaurant@the or telephone 01525 872017 and ask to be put through to the restaurant. Doors open at 2.30pm for tea and my show commences at 3.15pm.

I’m performing  for “Tempting Delights” on Sunday 26th February at Taz Coffee House, 58 Eatlsdon Street, Coventry CV5 6EJ.

Taz Coffee House is a fantastic Eastern restaurant serving a wonderful selection of coffee, cakes and Eastern cuisine. I will be singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off vintage music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s & 50s from 11am through to 4pm. Set price 14.99 which includes a delicious choice of wraps and cakes served with a drink . To book Tel 024 7674 4963 or  Whats App 07744 809006.

I shall leave my blog here tonight and hope some of you will be able to make it along to a couple of my events.

Toodle Pip and Bye For Now!