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A Jinxed Halloween Plus Remembrance at London Bridge & Birmingham New Street!

Stepping Out for Halloween!

To say this week has been a little bit of a challenge, would be an understatement, but then it is Halloween! To quote the phrase “One wheel on my wagon but I’m still rolling along” has very much been the case. My work load has been immense and despite all the bad luck which has fallen my way in the last few days I’m still trucking or be it by the skin of my teeth. It’s just a shame I’m not able to wave a magic wand and get to where I need to be on a broom stick!

Last Tuesday I was heading up Wing hill and my van developed a fault resulting in a loss of power and the triangular light lighting up on my dash board. At first I thought it was due to some dirty diesel and the sensor had become blocked so I thought I would get some Lambada cleaner to flush it through. The night before I had foolishly left some important documents behind in Northampton and it was essential I went straight over after my morning appointment to pick up my papers. On the way I hit traffic on the

Pumpkins at the Ready!

M1 and I was terrified I wouldn’t get back to Leighton Buzzard in time to change for my show. Time was very tight and I called into Halfords on the way home only to find they had sold out of Wynns Catalytic Converter and Lambda Cleaner.

With no time to spare I dashed home got changed and headed over to Berkhamstead. There’s no shortage of  hills in Berkhamstead and where I needed to be on Tuesday was at the top of an especially steep one. Quite how I made it to the top is a mystery as I lent forward and put my foot down praying I would make it to the top of the summit. Once there my Halloween show played

A Show & Costume for Every Occasion!

through seamlessly but straight afterwards I started to ring garages to try and find one which would do a diagnostic check on my van. Everywhere was booked up until mid November but I did find one who could see me next Wednesday. Paul had kindly rung around and found the last remaining bottles of Lambda Cleaner in Halfords Milton Keynes. Little did we know there are two Halfords in Milton Keynes and the tele sales person sent me to the wrong store in Bletchely only to then have to limp over to Rooksley.

After buying up the last four bottles for miles I empty three bottles into my tank and hoped for the best on the journey home trying desperately to get acceleration and  achieving 0 – 50 in just over twelve minutes. Next day I turned the

All Set for the London Poppy Appeal!

ignition only to find the problem hadn’t gone away. Wednesday’s show took place in Maids Moreton and after giving my van a good run on the journey over it became obvious the problem was more serous so I decide to call the AA.

Fortunately the AA man was able to check my van over while I was on stage Flying to the Moon and he suggested I drove straight home and recommended I didn’t drive my van again until it was time to take her to the garage on Wednesday as I may well need a new supply pump. The following day I took my report down to the garage and I asked them to check how long it would take to get a replacement pump. Apparently there aren’t any in the country at the moment and it’s likely to take at least six days. With shows

Birmingham New Street Station!

everyday and this my busiest season this was not what I wanted to hear!

Usually if a problem like this occurs as a family we can pull together and rally round. On Thursday I used my mothers car only to find the hatch back boot catch had broken and I was having to get everything through the side doors. As I only need one speaker for this show I was able to manage although it was a bit of a struggle and today I was all set to use my brothers van. However while Grant was working in Woburn Road yesterday a child out of devilment decided to steel his wing mirror which has now rendered his van undrivable.

How hard can it be to find a replacement mirror? Everywhere has sold out as it’s a special size, we

Last Year at Birmingham New Street Station!

can’t get one until next Tuesday! It really is Halloween and I’m starting to feel jinxed, desperate to break this seasons curse. Not to be beaten I’ve now taken the decision to hire a van which I hope will get me through this difficult patch.

Tomorrow I have two shows back to back and as I will be on the motor way I can’t afford to dive a van which isn’t tip top. Next Thursday 3rd November I’m in London singing for the Royal British Legion at London Bridge

Every-one doing their bit for the Poppy Appeal!

Station for the Poppy Appeal. It’s a big sing and one of those jobs which really sorts out the women from the girls. I’m booked to perform from 8am in the morning through to 6pm at night performing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. I will have other breaks as well while other bands  perform in between but really I’m engaged as their anchor woman and it will be my job to keep things going. I’m also working the same reformat  for the Poppy Appeal at Birmingham New Street Station on the 8th November. This will be my fourth year in Birmingham and i hope I’m able to drum up a lot of support for the appeal.

Halloween and my “Fly me to the Moon” show is rolling straight into Guy Fawkes night and “Blazeaway” my show for the 5th November  with Remembrance straight afterwards. I shall keep my fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong!

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉