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A Voice in a Million

Vocal Stamina, Halloween & Blazing Through to Remembrance at London Bridge & New Street!

Pumpkins for Halloween!

This last week has got to have been one of the most challenging weeks of my career. Not only have I had one of the busiest seasons performing Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Remembrance shows while my van has been in dock awaiting parts. I’ve had to sort out replacement vehicles, drive to and from shows, sing, look unfazed while switching show plans and repertoires. Plus in between times I’ve had contracts and e-mails to address while exercising and keeping on top of my diabetes. Also it was necessary for me to renew my driving licence this week which has all added to the pressure.

Blazeaway for Guy Fawkes Night!

It’s been tough to say the least. Fortunately all my hard work is now starting to pay off and it looks like the pump I’ve been waiting for to fix my van may be in on Tuesday, which is terrific news – hurrah! I’ve now returned the hire van I was using and last Tuesday I was able to collect the new wing mirror for my brothers van which means I have something to drive until we can get my van fixed.

Despite everything this is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m so proud of my Halloween show which has been going down a treat with audiences. Today I performed the last of my “Blazeaway” Guy Fawkes shows and it’s all change tomorrow as I run through with Remembrance shows which will be taking me up to 17th

My Hire Van – Keeping me Trucking!


Last Thursday I was performing in London for the Royal British Legion. They had booked to perform for the Poppy Appeal at London Bridge Station singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off from 8am in the morning through to 6pm. I’ve done a number of these special days before although this was my first time in London. It involved me getting up at 3am and driving into central London and meeting up with my contact at 6.30am.

I always say the devil is in the detail and although

On Stage at London Bridge Station!

I had two post codes neither took me to exactly where I needed to be. Fortunately I check the map locations first and I’ve discovered it’s better to type in the street name rather than rely on the post codes which aren’t always reliable. This really paid off as I arrived bang on time with-out delay and I was given special permission to park at the station in their service area.

If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know just how hard I work. It takes great vocal stamina and a lot of training to do the number of

Collecting for the Poppy Appeal!

shows I do day in day out. Much of the time I feel like a race horse pulling a milk float but every so often it’s necessary for me to find that extra strength from nowhere and sing the marathon.  The voice is a delicate instrument and stress can reflect in a voice’s performance which is why it’s important to pace ones self.

Thursday was a big sing despite being very enjoyable. I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team of people from the Royal British Legion and Military as we all pulled together to raise money for this amazing charity. I made sure I

John Boy the Dog helping with the Poppy Appeal!

took plenty of breaks and drank lots of water along with warm tea which kept me going through the cold. It’s interesting to see the station at curtain times of the day and how the temperature quickly drops as more people start rushing about.

It’s usual for me to have my back to the wall when performing but on this occasion I was right in the center singing to every-one as they came down the escalators.

This Tuesday 8th November I will be doing the same again at New Street Station in Birmingham, performing from 8am through to 6pm. If you happen to be in town it will be delightful to see you. I shall leave you with a few photos and thank-you for Following! 😉

The Whole London Bridge Poppy Appeal Team!