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Back from Holiday, Normandy & Flying through to Halloween!

Paul and I in Stratford Upon Avon!

This year has been extraordinarily busy and sometimes it’s important to know when to take a break. I very rarely get a moment to my self which was why last week Paul and I decided to take a holiday.  I’m always dashing from show to show which was why we decided to book some quality time away with Poppy. Paul was able to find a beautiful B&B on line and we stayed at White Hall Farm just out-side of Southam in the village of Long Itchington.

Fortunately Long Itchington isn’t too far away for

Poppy and I at The Fourteas Tea Room!

Paul and I and ideally situated for visiting historical towns such as Stratford Upon Avon, Coventry and Warwick. We were also celebrating our birthdays so enjoying some quality time away together was a real treat. Thank-you every-one for your kind wishes, birthday cards and presents. It was very kind of you all to think of us and we are extremely touched by all your lovely messages.

The only problem with holidays is the time seems to race by all too quickly. However while we were away we were able to take in the sights at Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick. Enjoy a high tea at The Fourteas Tea Room, visit Coventry Cathedral and reminisce at The cities Transport Museum. Fortunately more and more places are now assistance dog friendly as Poppy took in the sights and enjoyed her holiday too. Sadly we only had Monday to Saturday so after saying goodbye to Paul and Poppy I stopped off on my way home at Rushden Transport Museum

Paul enjoying Coventry’s History!

and enjoyed their special 1940s weekend.

Since returning home and with the change of the season I’ve been busy performing “Enchantment” Shows which is my for runner to Halloween. Next week I’m straight into Halloween shows with “Fly me to the Moon”. I’m really proud of this show as it has some fantastic musical content and Richard’s arrangements are a joy to sing. Just prior to my holiday I popped into the recording studio and made a few changes to my Aladdin medley. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and at just under eight minutes

Inside Coventry Transport Museum!

Aladdin was running a little bit too long. We’ve now cut it to just under seven minutes and it’s balancing far better in my show plans. I also have a Mary Poppins medley in production and if every-thing goes to plan I hope very much to be performing it this Christmas.

Talking about plans tomorrow I was all set set to sail out to Normandy and perform at Bretteville l’Orgueilleuse Liberation Dance on Friday. I had been looking forward to sailing from Portsmorth because the 21st October is Trafalgar Day and I was hoping to see if I would be lucky enough

Poppy and I in Warwick!

to get a glimpse of HMS Victory from the ferry. The Navy usually dress her in all her flags for Trafalgar day which would have been lovely to see.

Sadly there has been a huge economic down turn in France and Saturday’s Ball has had to be cancelled. It had been our intention to move my show to a smaller venue in Arromanches  but due to another unforeseen problem we’ve had to postpone again and I’m hoping very much we can reschedule to June next year. It’s very disappointing as I had a fantastic show planned but in a strange way having this weekend free will give me time to catch up with a few important jobs at home.

I’ve sold a staggering 315 shows this year and sometimes I forget that I do need a day off from time to time. From Monday I’m playing right through to the end of the year with

Out-side our Lovely B&B White Hall Farm!

Halloween rolling seamlessly into Remembrance and then I’m straight into Christmas.  I have two mayor Poppy Appeal days booked in London and Birmingham plus I will be returning to The Black Country Living Museum to perform for their Christmas Nights on the 16th, 17th & 18th December, but more on that closer to the time.

I shall leave you with a few of my holiday snaps.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Meeting up with friends Adrian & Rob at Rushden Transport Museum!