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A Glimpse of Stocking in the BOB & PATs Tested for the Season!

Fiona Harrison and her Stockings

Beautiful Nylons!

It’s been a busy day today which started this morning with me getting all my equipment PATs tested ready for the season. It’s very important for anyone in my job to have their electrical equipment PATs tested yearly without fail.  I do get asked for my PATs certificates from time to time especially when working in Theatres and Hotels so it’s important to have the paper work ship-shape and up to date just in case I do get asked.

Sadly it would appear poor Arther my trusted Amp has given up the ghost! I rang the repair shop on Thursday and after 18 years of local service it would seem he is now no more. Poor Arther!

Fiona Harrison's Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings!

This week I have been working with my back up Amp Anabell although I will be needing a larger Amp for my bigger shows especially when I head out to France this June. So this Sunday Paul and I will be meeting up in Guildford as we have an appointment to try out a couple of new Amps. I have my eye on a Yamaha one but I want to try it first before I buy just to see if it’s the right one for me and will do the job.

For those of you who read The Best of British magazine will already know April’s issue is all about the 1940s as it lists all the 1940s events for the year. This month I’ve writain a double page feature on Stockings and just how important they were to women during WW2. If you haven’t got your BOB yet do pop down to WH Smiths and pick up a copy. You can read my article by turning to pages 32 and 33 which is part of the special stitched in Forties Post. I’m also giving away five copies of my CD albums “Time on my Hands” which I have personally signed as part of the Best of British Competition on page 54. All you have to do is answer a simple question and send your answer on a post card to the BOB address as printed in the magazine. So good luck every-one!

I  shall leave it here tonight but don’t forget I shall be performing at The Forties Family Experience Weekend on the 9th 10th April. You can find their add on page 40 in the Best of British and mine on page 53. More detail on that in my next blog.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉