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A Voice in a Million

New Amps and All Set for The 1940s Family Experience!

Fiona Harrison in ATS Uniform

All Ready for Bushey!

I’m afraid I can’t blog for too long tonight and in fact I may well only have time to do one blog this week what with one thing and another. However despite being in a bit of a dash I wanted to let you all know about my shows for this coming weekend at “The 40s Family Experience” which is taking place at The Lincolnsfield Childrens Centre, Bushey Hall Drive, Bushey, Herts, WD23 2E5 9th 10th April. I’ve been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute non repetative costume shows daily and also at the Saturday Night Dance where Paul will be joining me on stage too.

My shows are as follows. Saturday 11.30am “We’ll Meet Again” ATS, 1.30pm “Hooray for Hollywood” Songs from the Movies, 3.30pm “In the Mood” Lindy Hop Show with the Swingsters.

Sunday 11.30pm “The Fleets in Port Again” WRNS Show, 1.30pm “GI Jive” US WAC Show, 3.30pm “Those Magnificent Men” WAAF Show.

Fiona Harrison and Paul Marsden

Paul and I Getting Set to Sing the 40s!

On Saturday night Paul and I will be singing at the dance so if you would like tickets please call the centre office on Tel 01923 233841. Tickets for the dance are priced at £10. If you come for the day tickets are priced at £7.50 or if you are a senior, veteran, child or period costume wearer £5. There are also discounts for families. You can find details about the event in the Best of British magazine on page 40 which is available to buy in WH Smiths or look the event up on-line at

Fiona Harrison at Andertons Guilford

Shopping at Andertons!

Fiona Harrison's New Amp

Meet Yam my New Amp!

So I hope you can all make it along as it would be lovely to see you.

Paul Marsden and his microphone

It’s Very You Paul!

If you caught my last blog you will know on Sunday Paul and I met up at Andertons Music in Guilford. Poor Arther has sadly died and it was time to invest in a new Amp. Andertons is an extremely well stocked shop and stocks everything the professional musician or singer might need. They also give extremely good service and Paul and I spent over two hours with the shops manager finding the right Amp and mixer which would work with my rig and set up. In the end I wanted something a bit bigger than I had and we went for the Yamaha EMX312. This amp has a much larger out put and can quite comfortably power 4 speakers with-out me needing to bring out my power amp. I will only need that when I use the six speaker rig.

I was e-mailed the other day by a band who wanted my advice about the Shure super 55 Microphone. Many of you will have seen me using it on stage as it looks like a 1950s mic and has a blue foam inside. The blue foam represents the SM beater . If you are looking for that 1950s of vintage look this is by far the best microphone on the market as the cardioid can take a high gain before feedback which is why the beater inners works best with this design. Paul and I did look at a limited edition microphone also made by shure which was a little larger in size and had a red foam backing.  Upon asking about its sound reduction it would appear this microphone would suit Paul’s voice better. I wish we had had more time to try it but it’s important to know what’s available and making sure you have the right microphone for the job.

That’s all I have time for now. If I don’t have time to blog this Thursday it will be down to me rehursing with my new amp Yam. I hope you can all make it along to Bushy this weekend.

Keep Watching and Toodle pip! 😉